Piers Morgan reveals his booze bender plan for when coronavirus is over boasting he’ll drink 12 pints – The Sun

PIERS Morgan has revealed just how he's going to celebrate once the coronavirus pandemic is over – and it involves drinking 12 pints.

Britain is currently lockdown as the government tries to control the spread of the virus, meaning all social venues are shut and people can only leave their house for exercise or essentials.

But like many, Piers' plan post-lockdown involves having many drinks and an Indian.

A fan asked the Good Morning Britain presenter on Twitter: "what will be the first thing you do, once this bloody virus is gone for good".

He replied: "I've got a plan: Drive straight down to my Sussex village, rendezvous with cricket lads at the Royal Oak pub, drink a dozen pints of @Harveys1790, then head to the @newick_tandoori next door for a chicken tikka masala.

"That's what freedom, to me, will taste like."

Piers has three different homes – in London, East Sussex and Los Angeles, worth a staggering £8.9million.

The 54-year-old is currently isolating in his five-bedroom, Grade II-listed home in Kensington.

His Sussex home boasts ivy climbing up the walls and over the doors. It features a huge backyard with a swimming pool – plus a large gravel driveway for his car collection.

Meanwhile, Piers has been presenting Good Morning Britain, but not without causing some controversy.

The outspoken journalist has been grilling guests about the coronavirus pandemic, leading to complaints from Ofcom.

Earlier this week, The Sun Online revealed Piers has been hit with 16 complaints to the television watchdog Ofcom after tearing into Housing Minister Robert Jenrick.

Piers lost his temper last week as he demanded to know why more people in the UK couldn't get tested for the deadly coronavirus.

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