Piers Morgan 'looks like Trump' in make-up nightmare: 'I've over-tangerined'

Piers Morgan has had as much of an adjustment period as the rest of us during the coronavirus crisis – mainly trying to figure out how to do his own make-up for Good Morning Britain.

Unfortunately for him, while most of us grow out of our learning phase in the peace and quiet of our bedroom, his make-up education is being played out on TV.

Today he admitted he might have ‘out-tangerined himself’ after he slapped on foundation a bit too thick and didn’t blend it out, leaving him with a noticeable line around his next and a slightly darker complexion than usual.

Honestly, at this moment in time, it’s quite nice to have a giggle, and Piers even joined in on the joke by calling out the moment.

He said: ‘I don’t care. In the general scheme of things, I come in, I’m slapping this stuff on, I’ve no idea what I’m putting on or how to apply it. 

‘In the general scheme of what’s going on in the world right now, my blending issues with my make up are not that important people!’

Susanna couldn’t stop laughing though, and said: ‘You’re turning into your friend, President Trump.’

‘I’ve over-tangerined the tangerine dream,’ Piers clapped back. ‘I can only apologise for anyone who’s offended by my orange head.

‘Other people might quite like the orange look. It works for Trump.’

He was later compared to Ross from Friends after that awkward episode where he encountered a tanning salon.

‘I’m selfishly making sure that our make-up department, who are wonderful, are not put out of work because we all get too good at their jobs,’ Piers added.

‘As you can see by my poorly blended head, that is unlikely to happen. I’ve kept them in work, it’s a selfless act on my part.’

We’re with Susanna – we’re pretty sure their job is safe for the time being!

A for the effort though, we’ve all been there.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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