Piers Morgan furiously threatens to force Covid-deniers into coronavirus wards without PPE after getting sick abuse

PIERS Morgan has furiously threatened to round-up Covid-deniers and force them to visit coronavirus hospital wards.

The Good Morning Britain host said they should be sent in without PPE to protect them from the deadly virus.

Piers, 55, was hitting back over the sick abuse he's sent by those claiming Covid doesn't exist.

"I get these idiots abusing me when I talk about the death numbers," he said on today's show.

"They all claim it's a 'scamdemic' and say the hospitals are empty.

"Why don't you go to the damn hospitals? Why don't we round you all up, led by your high-profile cheerleaders?

"Why don't we take you all today, without PPE, and let's take you into a Covid ward.

"Or actually do you think, 'no it is real, I'm just saying this'.

"Then why are you saying it? What do you hope to gain from saying this doesn't really exist?

"What are you saying to the NHS heroes currently saving their lives to save other people's.

"What part of these numbers does not fill you with alarm rather than another excuse to show people this is all exaggerated?

"These people have to stop because they are encouraging people not to wear mask and get coronavirus."

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