Piers Morgan admits forgetting to wear face mask 'once a week'

Piers Morgan has once again apologised for forgetting to wear his face mask this weekend, while admitting that it’s ‘not his first offence’. 

The Good Morning Britain presenter was photographed sitting in the back of a taxi not wearing a face mask after enjoying dinner in central London on Saturday with wife Celia Walden and friends. 

It should come as no surprise that Piers’ GMB co-hosts Susanna Reid and Dr Hilary Jones seized the opportunity to mock the presenter for his mistake. Both donned snazzy face masks prompting Piers to admit: ‘That’s what I should have done on Saturday night.’ 

Explaining how his gaff came to be, Piers went on: ‘Came out of a very nice dinner in Mayfair with my wife… if only she’d reminded me to put mine on. 

‘I had a friendly chat with the paparazzi, [they said] “it’s been a rough year we’re not making money, there are no parties, there’s no launches, very few celebrities about”. 

‘I went, “Sorry guys, it’s only me”. We all laughed… and then of course I bounded into the taxi having been distracted with my conversation with the paparazzi and they immediately descended like a pack. 

‘Lit up the cab with flash bulbs and it was only as I pulled away, that I realised I forgot to put my mask on and therefore designated myself as a Covidiot.’ 

He continued: ‘Celia went, “Oh, it doesn’t matter, no one cares”. No one cares. Well, they do actually… 

‘No excuses, it’s a fair cop gov… I put it on a few seconds later, I was nailed, it was too late and I can only apologise.’ 

After joking around with Susanna about her ‘phallic’ looking face mask, Piers then stated: ‘On a serious note, I do think masks matter and I do think you’ve got to abide by the rules. 

‘I got caught getting into a cab without one, it’s not a good look and I apologise.’ 

Dr Hilary stepped in to defend Piers and argued that his rule-break was not intentional. 

‘You didn’t do it deliberately, that’s the difference, you did it completely by mistake. Anyone can make a mistake occasionally for a few seconds. What’s different is you do it deliberately, you flout the rules,’ Dr Hilary said. 

Piers then interjected and confessed: ‘I’ve got to say, it’s not my first offence forgetting to put my mask on. I probably forget once a week as I’m walking into a shop, or getting in a cab and then I remember and the critical thing is to keep thinking that you’ve got to remember and you’ve got to do it. 

‘I bet most people have.’ 

Susanna agreed and said: ‘Oh, of course everybody has. I think the key thing for me is to have one in the pocket of every coat you have.’ 

Piers added: ‘I had two in my pocket.’

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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