Phillip Schofield's mum had a blunt but loving response to her son coming out as gay and said 'I don't care'

PHILLIP Schofield's mum had a hilariously blunt response when her son came out as gay last year.

The 58-year-old This Morning presenter made a special trip down to Cornwall to visit his mum and tell her the news in person before he told the rest of the world on live TV.

"My mum has been on the phone all morning," Phillip told Holly Willoughby during his emotional interview on This Morning on 7 February 2020.

"I went down to see her in Cornwall.

"She said: 'Oh ok, well I don’t care.'"

Her straightforward and instantly accepting response to the bombshell was a comfort to Phillip and was a moment of humour during the heavy interview as he couldn't help but laugh.

Phillip said he "owed it to the viewers" to come out on the programme in a special interview with Holly as they are "family".

Moments later Phillip told The Sun on Sunday that he was was "naive to suppress" that he was gay when he married 27 years ago.

The star has been married to Stephanie Lowe for 27 years and they share two children together: Molly, 28, and Ruby, 25.

“Whatever was ‘there’ I thought, ‘OK, whatever this is, you stay back because I am happy’," he said.

Loyal wife Steph said: “We have had to face the most emotionally painful time in our 27 years of marriage.”

Dancing on Ice host Phil, who hid his secret for years from his beloved wife, admitted struggling with suicidal thoughts and to having therapy as he tried to put the issue to the back of his mind.

And he said: “If you ask anyone who is gay, they know — there is no confusion.”

Phil praised daughters Molly and Ruby for their “amazing” support.

And he hailed telly sidekick Holly as “the sister I never had”.

He added: “Holly has been incredible, so supportive, so kind. I was depressed and it was taking a toll on my mental health.”

He added: “I went to seek professional help, I sat down and poured out my heart.”

Phil revealed last October that he and wife Steph "haven't discussed" divorce.

"We're picking our way through. It's a work in progress," he told The Mirror.

He added: "I'm still married to Steph. With divorce… we've not discussed that at all."

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