Peter Andre ‘vows to support ex Katie Price’ after rehab stint and has even been ‘teaming up’ with her other ex Kieran – The Sun

PETER Andre has "vowed" to support Katie Price and has even been "teaming up" with her other ex Kieran Hayler.

The star reached out to Kieran, who shares Bunny and Jett with his ex wife, after Katie, 41, pledged to turn her life around following a stint in rehab clinic The Priory.

Katie opened up about her difficult year during which she turned to drugs and booze to cope with the deaths of her animals and her mum's terminal illness.

She has moved into a rented home around the corner from Pete, 47, after her "mucky mansion" was too dilapidated to return to.

And now sources have revealed Pete, who shares Princess and Junior with the star, has put a plan in place to make sure Katie is kept on the straight and narrow whilst she takes care of disabled son Harvey alone during lockdown.

A source told New! magazine: "Obviously they want to make sure their kids are happy at a time like this, but they also have a vested interest in Katie.

"They still care about her and want to make sure she’s keeping safe and not struggling after her Priory stint.

"They’ve been talking loads about making sure she knows they’re there for her if she’s feeling vulnerable."

The Sun Online revealed Katie is so committed to staying sober she’s doing monthly drug tests.

The reality star is voluntarily undergoing checks to prove she’s free of all drugs after her stint at rehab facility The Priory.

Her rep confirmed that Katie wants to do the tests to "build trust" with Peter and Kieran – the fathers of four of her children.

She says: “Katie will carry on taking tests every few months – this her choice.

“She will continue to build trust with both fathers involved in joint parenting.”

The Sun Online revealed last week how Katie had managed to stay sober for three months after checking into rehab in January.

Katie, 41, said: “I want everyone to see this is for real – I am back. After giving birth to my five beautiful children this is the most empowering feeling in the world.”

Her publicist added: “Katie has passed both a drug and alcohol test with no traces of either in three months.

“Katie is not only determined to make the changes but to stick to them, no more second chances – Katie's had a real wake up call."

She admitted to using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of a terrible year.

Speaking on her reality show, My Crazy Life, she told her friend Rick: “Because my head was so numb with stuff, my reaction was ‘oh just another thing, just another thing,’ which wasn’t normal to act like, just no emotion.

"So that’s why I turned to something to escape from that, and mine ended up being the coke.

"This is why I can’t go back to my house, the times I’ve done coke there, all the parties there."

"It got to the point where I literally can’t talk to anyone. My mum is terminally ill, I don’t want to stress her out.

"Yeah, I turned to coke and I turned to drink.”

The Sun Online revealed last week that Katie chose to avoid alcohol for three months but will now treat herself to a cocktail "on special occasions".

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