Peter Andre says he wants TWINS with wife Emily after lockdown convinced him a bigger family would be 'amazing'

PETER Andre has admitted that he wants twins with wife Emily, with lockdown convincing him that a bigger family would be "amazing".

The 47-year-old star is already father to four children; six-year-old Amelia and three-year-old Theo with Emily, and 12-year-old Princess and 15-year-old Junior, who he shares with ex-wife Katie Price.

The Mysterious Girl singer previously told The Sun Online that he hopes to welcome a fifth child before he turns 50, but he has now confessed that one may not be enough.

Writing in his new! magazine column, Peter explained: "I've been umming and ahhing about having another child, but then Emily has thrown this bombshell at me about having two more!

"She said: 'It is possible before you turn 50!' I've just gone with it, because what's the point of questioning it?

"I'd be up for having twins, but she's definitely not on board with that.

"At one point I was adamant I wouldn't have any more kids, but then because of the lockdown I've been less focused on my work and I've realised how amazing it is having a big family."

However, Peter refused to commit entirely as he went on to add: "I'm sure I'll change my mind again next week!"

Last month, the star told us: "We have discussions all the time. I said to Emily: ‘If you want another one then we have to start trying now.

"I’m 47 and I don’t want to be changing nappies at 50 because I’ve done it so many times over the last 15 years.’

"This is my last year that I would be willing to try, because then I’m over the nanny stage for good."

Peter, who comes from a large family himself, added that a big brood just "makes sense".

He said: "I’m one of six, my dad is one of 12. And his dad got his mum pregnant 17 times so he was really one of 17. But these days five kids is quite a lot."

Despite being the picture perfect family, Peter and Emily admitted to clashing over how much they spend on their children for birthday presents.

In the latest episode of their reality TV show Life With The Andres, exclusive to The Sun's YouTube channel, Emily admitted that she did not agree with Peter splashing up to £300 per present when son Junior turned 15 last week.

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