Peter Andre sad as he’s targeted by Covid conspiracy theorists saying he 'disgusts them' for 'pretending to have virus'

PETER Andre has revealed he's been targeted by Covid conspiracy theorists, who have claimed he 'pretended to have virus'.

The 47-year-old star tested positive for Covid earlier this month – with both he and his GP wife Emily, 31, shocked by the diagnosis as they were convinced it was an unrelated virus at the time.

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And now the singer explained how he has been harassed by coronavirus conspiracy theorists in an interview on today's Good Morning Britain alongside wife Emily.

Speaking to hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, he said: "I had somebody yesterday send me a message yesterday saying, 'I can't believe you're being a puppet for the media trying to tell people that this virus is real'.

"They said, 'You disgust me'. I had somebody say that yesterday, 'You disgust me, we never saw your thing from the NHS saying you were positive'.

"Because what am I going to do? Put it up on the screen? It's a ridiculous [thing]".

Earlier in the interview, Peter said he'd wake up panicking because he couldn't breathe as he fought coronavirus.

The star added that he is still suffering from symptoms of the deadly illness, including psychologically.

The father-of-four shared: "I have still got no sense of smell and I went for a small bike ride yesterday and I was completely pumped out, which never happens to me.

"It's a psychological thing: 'Is it going to get worse at some point?' This is what the problem is.

"I'm 47, I exercise, I feel quite good – and I had a doctor in the house and still there were nights where I'd wake up and I'm thinking… I'm finding it hard to breathe."

Gesturing at Emily, he continued: "She was like: 'Calm down, a lot of it is anxiety'."

Emily added: "You see it in the media play out so much – you hear all these stories of young people who are getting really unwell and it makes you worried more than you would if you didn't know it was coronavirus."

But overall, the Mysterious Girl hitmaker feels lucky that he didn't suffer as badly as many others with coronavirus.

He told the hosts: "There was a couple of days it was very unpleasant, but people have had it far worse than me.

"One of my cousins is still on oxygen now and he was sick before me – everyone's got different symptoms."

Peter previously documented part of his coronavirus fight in a YouTube video, admitting that at times it was "agony".

Emily previously battled coronavirus last year, and is due to get her first vaccine jab at some point this week as she works on the NHS frontline.

The pair married in 2015 and they have two children together; Amelia, seven, and four-year-old Theo.

Peter's older children from his previous marriage to Katie Price, Princess, 13, and Junior, 15, also live with them.

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