Peter Andre in tears after eating burning hot chilli for I'm A Celebrity Bushtucker Trial at home with his children

PETER Andre was reduced to tears courtesy of a red hot chilli as he tackled a mock I'm A Celeb Bushtucker Trial in front of his kids.

The Mysterious Girl singer was joined by his children with Katie Price, Princess and Junior Andre, as well as his younger toddlers Theo and Amelia, for the game filmed for The Andres YouTube channel.

Peter, 47, was perhaps eager to re-live his own jungle experience in the third series of I'm A Celeb in 2004, with the gruesome game.

Princess, 13, warned the family they would "have to eat" whatever critter snack came their way – with Amelia then proudly chowing down a mealworm.

Peter, 47, then clarified to his YouTube viewers that they were "real mealworms" in their challenge, with his eldest daughter bravely munching six.

He told Princess there was "no sympathy" as her face went bright red after eating six chillis.

Yet his bravado quickly dissipated – and he was literally left to eat his own words – after he was dealt the exact same challenge.

Just moments after he claimed: "This is easy man," he opened his eyes wide and looked concerned.

His kids told him "you've got to swallow it," before he started coughing and fanning his face.

Theo offered a supportive pat on the back before Peter stuttered: "I've got tears – I didn't expect that."

Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge he said: "I know you think I'm being a wind-up but that actually is strong.

"I literally thought you guys were joking."

Fans were in hysterics at his apparent inability to cope with the fiery food, with one commenting underneath: "WOW J IS ONE BRAVE LAD NOT A WHIMP LIKE HIS DAD😂😂HE HAD NO DRINK💪LOVED WATCHING YOU ALL PLAYING THE GAME👍ALL OF YOU ARE FAB❤."

Another posted: "You should've drunk some milk 🥛 Pete," before a third put: "God peter hope u r ok with that chillies."

One then wrote: "Absolutely hilarious wae the chilli 🌶 🤣 😆 😂," as a fan quizzed: "😢😢😂 are you one of those “I'll have a Korma please” at the indian?🌶🌶🔥"

Another then gushed: "Cherish you're family , time passes so quick , wish I cud turn back time x"

This summer, the Sun Online was first to reveal Peter's ex Katie would be spilling their jungle secrets in a special one off ITV show, A Jungle Story.

The public first got to know the "real" Katie Price when she appeared in I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in 2004.

During this time, she decided to ditch her Jordan alter-ego and open up to the public her true self – and the UK fell in love with her.

It was during her jungle stint that she famously fell in love with her ex-husband Peter, who she went on to marry – selling the pictures in a lucrative magazine deal.



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