Peter Andre hits nearly 11,000 TikTok followers in two hours as he finally bows to pressure to join app

PETER Andre has left his fans in a tizzy as he launched his TikTok account today.

The 47-year-old was reluctant to join the popular app but finally succumbed to pressure from his fans and has amassed 10,800 followers within two hours of announcing it.

So far Pete hasn't posted a video but he has managed write his bio, which reads: "Proud dad, singer, songwriter, tv presenter, columnist".

Although his has managed to get quite the following, the Mysterious Girl hitmaker is only following 27 accounts.

News of his new social media account comes a day after Peter revealed that he's worried Instagram is affecting his 13-year-old daughter's confidence.

The dad-of-four made the revelation in the first episode of the brand new second series of his reality show Life With The Andres.

Peter took time to record Princess singing at his home studio but found that she lacks the confidence in herself to let her voice shine.

"With regards to music and stuff they really want to do it but then when I say, 'OK let's go and record,' they get shy," he explained after an unsuccessful recording session.

"And I'm like, 'Well, no pressure, when you're ready do it,'" he said.

But Peter admitted that he's "scared" that social media is making his daughter more concerned about what other people think.

"Unfortunately and this is where I get scared of social media is because they constantly think, 'What's this person gonna say or that person,'" he said.

"This is what my concern was with Bista having a public Instagram which I didn't want her to have."

Life With The Andres launched earlier this year and was so successful that it doubled in length while on air.

Now Peter, wife Emily, and their children are opening their lives to the cameras once again – and fans couldn't be more excited.

The TV personality shared the good news with his followers this week, taking to his Instagram page to post a video teasing the new series.

He said: "We are back again but this time for series two, Life With The Andres this Sunday. You made series one a success, let's do it again."

The online show launched earlier this year and was so successful that it doubled in length while on air.

The Sun's series Life With The Andres takes viewers inside the hustle and bustle of the Andre household, warts and all.

Peter and Emily share difficult parenting decisions and even how they co-parent his eldest kids with ex-wife Katie Price.

  •  Watch the new series of Life With The Andres exclusively on The Sun’s YouTube channel on Sunday 13th September at 7.30pm.

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