Perrie Edwards shares her cosy lockdown life as she cuts topless footballer boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s hair – The Sun

LITTLE Mix's Perrie Edwards has vowed to "never cut hair again" after being "roped in" to giving boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's hair a trim.

Perrie, 26, spent three hours trying to trim Alex's unruly mane as he sat in their bathroom wearing nothing but his shorts.

Guided on FaceTime by barber Justin Carr about what to do, Perrie had trouble getting the 27-year-old Liverpool footballer to keep still.

The singer posted the hilarious video on the Supreme Nutrition Instagram stories after taking over the account for the day.

The haircutting saga started when Alex said:"Look at the afro… It is flourishing!" to which Perrie asked "Should I cut his hair?"

"We need to cut his hair… Now he won't let me but…"

Alex interrupted her: "I said yes!"

Perrie rolled her eyes before admitting: "Now that you've said yes, I'm actually quite scared, I don't want to do it."

Before Perrie could step in, Alex had got Justin on the phone to talk him through doing his hair himself.

What ensued was a hilarious attempt to get the footballer to sit still, as Perrie tackled his mane.

The Little Mix singer scolded him: "Just stay, hold your head still big man. I can't pull your ear down, flap your ear, pull your hair and shave at the same time."

Saying to Justin: "I don't know how you cope with this. I bet you if he moves and he botches it up, it's your fault."

But Alex quickly replied: "because you don't move when you're getting your hair and make-up done."

Then Perrie admitted: "I do the same thing to be fair but a barbers different you have to stay still."

The singer then confessed to fans the experience she "never wanted to cut hair again".

She told fans:"I swear we've been at this for like 3 hours.

"I never want to cut hair again, never ever again. This is a nightmare and i wish i never suggested it."

Throughout the Insta takeover, Perrie gave an insight into her lockdown life with Alex.

She revealed she felt queasy in the mornings and would skip breakfast to do yoga first thing.

The Shout Out to My Ex singer has also been busy looking after the couple's four dogs, describing her house as a "zoo".

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