Paris Jackson split from boyfriend Gabriel Glenn due to 'frustration' over the pandemic 'crushing their music plans'

Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn split up following the "pressure cooker" of the quarantine lockdown and "immense frustration" over their music career, The Sun can reveal.

Paris and Gabriel were not only romantically involved, but were also working and performing as folk-pop act The Soundflowers.

However, the strain of "the intensity of being together as partners and co-workers proved too much to handle" and their music career being impacted by COVID-19 "bummed them out," according to a family source.

A family friend revealed: "Paris and Gabe have been through a rough year.

“The pandemic meant that they were together 24/7 for a while, and they didn't cope at all well. They were already having troubles after tensions flared during a short music tour.

“And Paris especially is an independent spirit so being cooped up was really tough."

The insider continued: "Gabe saw that time as an opportunity to build their music repertoire so that they would have an album ready.

"However, somehow their musical connection prompted them to end up in the co-worker zone more often than partners.

"Gabe openly admits that Paris' need to feel loved and desire to feel romanced is something he found tough.

"No-one is saying he did not love her, but his passion for music is on a par with that for her. It was a juggling act, and did cause tensions."

The source went on to suggests that the coronavirus pandemic had "crushed their plans for a music launch, more live gigs and promotion of their song, which hit them hard."

"It was terrifically frustrating for them both, and really hurt them emotionally. It was a tipping point," they shared.

The family friend added: "No-one is bad-mouthing Gabe at all, because he was liked by Prince and the family, but he and Paris are likely headed for different paths.

"He is a talented singer-songwriter, but without Paris, no-one is sure whether he would be this well known.

"They have vowed to stay friends and work on Soundflowers tunes. Sure, they could work on more material, but realistically dozens of producers are lining up to work with Paris as a solo artist."

Paris and Gabriel, 23, dated for over two years after meeting at Gabriel's band The Trash Dog's performance at Hollywood's Rainbow Bar & Grill in April 2018.

Facebook cameras followed their efforts to become major stars while balancing dealing with their own demons and challenges.

On the final episode of their six-part series Unfiltered, muted footage was shown of the pair arguing.

She broke down in tears in the final scenes talking about how she valued Glenn: “He had an impact on me, my life and my heart in ways I cannot even describe. And I cannot do this without him."

During the episode, Paris, 22, hinted at problems within the relationship and said she was "constantly butting heads" with Gabriel.

Paris added: "A big thing for Aries is we are very impatient, depending on what it is.

"The people that we love and things that we care about, we have the patience of a saint. But it’s a very interesting dynamic. We both have double stubborn energy. I’ve always known I was stubborn, and I knew that he was stubborn because he’s a Taurus."

She also shared that she viewed Gabriel as "one of many soulmates," adding that she does not "think soulmates are specifically just romantic partners."

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