Ozark season 4: Is FBI agent Maya Miller faking her pregnancy?

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Netflix series Ozark hit audiences hard with season three with its huge twists and turns. Once again, the FBI was keeping a close eye on Marty (played by Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) as they ran their riverboat casino the Missouri Belle. For the moment, it appeared they managed to hoodwink the FBI, play them for their own ends while continuing to launder money for the Navarro Cartel.

Is FBI agent Maya Miller faking her pregnancy in Ozark?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Ozark season 3

Marty even managed to convince Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) of his plans to turn FBI agent Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes).

Agent Miller appeared to be quite a moral figure and several times turned down Marty’s offers to broker a deal which could have pulled her into his own illicit enterprises.

Throughout season three, Agent Miller was shown to be heavily pregnant and revealed she was going to be going off on maternity leave within six weeks.

But could Miller have been faking her pregnancy in a bid to put pressure on Marty to cut a deal?


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A quick scroll of Duke’s Instagram reveals, it’s the character who is pregnant rather than the actress.

Given everything in the world of Ozark is carefully constructed, it’s intriguing Miller is pregnant and there’s a sense it could all be ruse to take down the Byrdes.

Interestingly, some Reddit users suspect Maya. One person called dreammessenger asking: “My only thoughts on Agent Miller is what’s the significance of her pregnancy?”

A second fan called model3kid responded, reasoning: “I think it has to do with time being the biggest factor, like when she said she was due in 6 weeks and Marty had to make his decision by then.

“I imagine she’ll eventually go on maternity leave and some other agent will come and investigate the casino which would potentially screw Marty over.”

A third Hugh_Bromont replied, suggesting: “Honestly thought it was a homage to Frances Mcdormand’s character in Fargo.”

While a fourth person dirtyhandscleanlivin said: “I remember her saying at one point that she was due in six weeks, so Marty had better hurry up and make a decision about her deal. Maybe just a hard deadline sort of thing.”

A Redditor called knickknacksnackery posted: “I’m not sure I understand the point of Maya being pregnant if it wasn’t going to be a plot point. Saving it for next season I guess?”

Nonetheless, ineedhealing1969 said: “The fbi would never send in a pregnant woman after the cartel [sic].

“She is not even undercover, she’s at the casino by herself.”

The user makes a pertinent point, which could hint Agent Miller could be pretending to pregnant to make the Byrdes put their guard down and unwittingly give themselves up.

Along with questions over whether Agent Miller’s pregnancy has been cooked up to take down the Byrdes, there’s been a theory floating around suggesting she is working for Navarro.

The theories focus on Marty’s impromptu visit to Navarro’s humble abode in Mexico, where he was tortured for a couple of days as the kingpin tried to establish the Chicago financier’s allegiances.

Some viewers believe Agent Miller was in on the whole thing as she kept trying to get Marty to tell her the truth.


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However, Marty was steadfast in his story about going to Kansas City on business.

There are also questions over whether Marty finally managed to turn Agent Miller after he triggered a financial transaction which forced her to stay on the job.

For now, fans are going still be in the dark but she could well have a big part to play in the fourth and final outing.

Speaking to Brief Take earlier this year about the similarities between herself and her Ozark alter-ego, Dukes explained: “You know, I think that we do have a lot of similarities as far as how we work, and that’s one of the things that I found really fun to play with Maya.

“I feel that as an actress I am myself a bit of a detective in how we study character and how we study people.

“I feel like that’s my favorite [sic] thing about being an actor and I think that’s at what Maya is brilliant. I’m not a math genius like her, but my father was an engineer so it’s great that I have those ties.

“But I think that what we share in common is her diligence, her work ethic and her need to get the job done.

“As far as even how I studied Ozark itself, I studied both the first and the second season. I was already a fan, but I went back and I watched it as an FBI Agent to see what I could find.

“But as far as her conservativeness and all of that, I have that in me. It’s deep down, but I have that.”

Ozark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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