Ozark: How old is Ruth Langmore supposed to be?

Netflix series Ozark came back for its third outing recently and is captivating audiences across the world. The show follows financial advisor Marty Byrde (played by Jason Bateman) and his political lobbyist wife Wendy (Laura Linney) as they continue with their life of crime in the Ozarks. The show sees Byrde Enterprises really coming into its own in season three with the help of various associates including Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner).

How old is Ruth Langmore supposed to be?

Actress Garner was one of the breakout stars of Ozark when it first launched on Netflix back in 2017.

Her character Ruth proved to be a vital asset to the Byrdes after starting out on a bad note.

Ruth has shown a criminal nous and intellect as she’s learnt more about the business while working for Marty.

She really demonstrated how far she’s come from season one as she stepped up the money laundering operations at the Missouri Belle riverboat casino for Marty and Wendy in the third series.


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In some ways, she sees Marty as a surrogate father figure, particularly since Cade Langmore (Trevor Long) was murdered in a hit.

When viewers first meet Ruth, she’s 19-years-old and lands herself in hot water after trying to make off with a suitcase full of cartel cash.

Season two came out in 2018 and picked up in the aftermath with hardly any time passing between the first and second outings.

However, season three of Ozark saw an 18-month gap before finally being released in 2020.

Within the timeline of the show, the third cycle was set six months after the season two finale.

Going by this, Ruth could either still be 19 or have turned 20 depending on when her birthday is.

In real-life actress Garner was 22 when she landed the role of Ruth in May 2016.

She was born on February 1, 1994 and is now 26-year-old. With every season of Ozark, the age-gap between Garner and her alter-ego has become greater.

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Netflix hasn’t yet announced whether Ozark will be getting a season four but depending on when the show picks up, viewers could see an older version of Ruth.

Alternatively, given the slowburn nature of Ozark, Ruth could be around the same age as season three.

Speaking to W Magazine in 2017, Garner admitted she badly wanted to get the role of Ruth.

She told the publication: “I remember thinking, I have to get this part—I was obsessing over it for like two weeks. I was really nervous.”


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Garner continued: “The thing that drew me was the dialogue, and how I got a sense of the character through what she was saying.

“It was very complex—even though I didn’t know the context of what happened in the show apart from the pilot, I figured out quickly, this girl is this, and this, and this. It was very clear.”

Unlike her onscreen character, the New York native doesn’t have a strong Missouri accent.

Instead, Garner auditioned with a Southern Missouri dialect because she felt it was right for the character.

Her Missouri inflections helped her to bag the role of Ruth, saying she’d done a similar accent for the movie Tomato Red the year before.

While the accent wasn’t easy, she said it had been “familiar” to her when she went for the part.

Ozark season 3 is streaming on Netflix now

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