Outlander cancelled: Why is Outlander not on this week?

Outlander has been cancelled for the next couple of weeks and will be airing again later this month. The series, which airs on Starz and Amazon Prime Video, is taking a break during season five and fans are wondering when it will return. Here is everything you need to know about when the critically acclaimed drama will be back on TV and why it will not be airing this week.

Why is Outlander not on this week?

Fans were disappointed to hear the historical drama would not be airing the next episode this week, following the previous episode called The Ballad of Roger Mac.

The series stars Oxford historian Roger MacKenzie (played by Richard Rankin) and is based on the novels of the same name by Diana Gabaldon.

Starz confirmed there would be a break when the series will not be airing and it could be something to do with the Easter break.

The episode Famous Last Words is due to return to the platform on April 12, with the following episode Monsters and Heroes airing on April 19.


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There has been no official reason given as to why the series has stopped airing but the US network may be running special programmes for the holidays.

The episodes air on Sundays in the US and they are then available to fans in the UK on Amazon Prime on Mondays.

Season five of the series will be made up of 12 episodes, so there is still so much more to look forward to from the series.

Starz said: “Season five of Outlander finds the Frasers fighting for their family and the home they have forged on Fraser’s Ridge.

“With her family together at last, Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) must use her modern medical knowledge and foresight to prevent them from being ripped apart once again.

“However, while focusing on protecting others, she risks losing sight of what it means to protect herself.”

With the coronavirus outbreak halting filming and production for many TV series, season six is likely to be delayed as a result.

However, Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser in the series, announced work had started on season six so fans will have something to look forward to.

Fans are wondering whether the series will follow the books by Gabaldon or whether they will take the characters down a different path.

In the previous episode, Claire Fraser was left distraught after Jamie pleaded for her help in saving him but she was unable to do anything to protect him.

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Fans have already taken to Twitter to ask what has happened to the series as the episodes would usually air on Sundays.

One fan said: “Today has been hard… I ran out of coffee, there’s no chocolate left in the house and I just realized I have to wait another week for @Outlander_STARZ to return. #imgoingbacktobed #sundayvibes #ugh.”

Matthew Roberts, executive producer for the series, said he was at home working on the new series after fans asked what he was up to.

He said: “I’m well, thank you. Staying home, doing my part. And quietly working on #Outlander Season 6 (via the Internet) #StayHomeStaySafe.”


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The series first aired in August 2014, with the then Claire Randall, a former Second World War nurse, is transported back to Scotland in 1743.

The most recent series premiered in February this year and it is an adaptation of the book The Fiery Cross, with the sixth series following A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

The sixth series will also be made up of 12 episodes but it has not been revealed when the next series will air, and it is hoped an update will be given soon.

Production for the fifth series began in Scotland in April 2019 and cast members posted photos of themselves behind the scenes in all sorts of picturesque locations.

Outlander will return to Starz and Amazon Prime Video on April 12

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