Only Fools and Horses due for a remake as coronavirus pandemic leads to huge comeback?

Only Fools and Horses wowed British homes with its hilarious jokes and relatable anecdotes throughout the 1980s and 1990s. And although the show has experienced a huge amount of reruns, the timeless sitcom has experienced a huge spike in its viewership since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.


As the members of the British public have been confined to the insides of their homes, they have flocked to the sitcoms of old for entertainment.

According to data provided by NOW TV, a number of shows have seen enormous boosts in their viewing numbers since TV has become one of the few things the public can flock to for entertainment.

Included in the playlist for the viewing party has been the aforementioned Only Fools and Horses, which has seen a staggering boost of 87 percent in popularity.

This boost alone has catapulted the show to become the 11th most-watched show on the NOW TV service.


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Leagues ahead of this show is wartime comedy Dad’s Army which also saw a huge boost of 211 percent, looming over all over classic shows.

More recent additions to British TV culture are also included in the streaming network’s repertoire.

These are headed up by Peep Show, which has enjoyed a respectable 38 percent rise in viewing since the lockdown.

Marina Storti, Managing Director of NOW TV, said on the data: “It’s no surprise Brits are turning to their TV for comfort.

“When you can’t always see your friends and family, an iconic character, like Del Boy and Rodney, or Captain Mainwaring, are the next best thing to a familiar face and a little ‘home comfort’.

“Now’s the time our customers are catching up on all the brilliant classics, helping to make their time at home that much more exciting.”

With viewing figures of the classic TV shows up, networks may be looking at bringing back some of these old classics.

In particular, with ratings for Only Fools and Horses and Dad’s army rising so much, returns to this world may be being considered.

As Only Fools and Horses has recently seen its debut to the West End in London, popularity for the franchise is certainly on the rise.

But could these combined situations be enough for the show to be brought back to Britain’s screens?

Similarly, viewing figures for American sitcoms and dramas are also on a rise – but not in quite as powerful numbers.

Classic crime dramas have been on the rise – such as The Wire, which has seen a massive 33 percent rise in ratings.


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Following closely is The Sopranos, which also saw a 21 percent rise in viewers.

With such a rise in a number of TV shows over the past few weeks, TV fans may see some huge resurgences arise, as many older shows see popularities rise once again.

But will Only Fools and Horses be included in this collection of returning stories?

Only Fools and Horses is available on NOW TV.

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