Olivia Newton John, 72, reveals she won’t get coronavirus vaccine after daughter backs anti-vaxxer theory

OLIVIA Newton-John has revealed she won't be receiving the coronavirus vaccine as her daughter dubbed them "unsafe".

While Martha Stweart, Joan Collins and Sir David Attenborough are among the many A-listers receiving the Covid-19 jab, the 72-year-old will not be among them.

'Natural' medicine advocate Olivia's daughter Chloe Lattanzi, 34, revealed the star is not planning on getting vaccinated against the virus.

Speaking to The Herald Sun, she explained that Olivia, who is battling stage-four breast cancer, is not looking into it "at this point".

Chloe shared some of her strange and unscientific beliefs about being vaccinated – despite maintaining she "is not an anti-vaxxer".

"I'm anti putting mercury and pesticides in my body, which are in a lot of vaccines," said Chloe, who runs a medicinal cannabis farm in the US.

The singer, who has no medical qualifications, added that she had "done research" that proved to her the vaccines are not safe.

"If I had a chance to take herbs and plants rather than have toxins injected into me, I would have done that," she added.

It comes shortly after Chloe shared her outrageous unscientific views about the Covid-19 pandemic in a rant on Instagram last month.

In the now-deleted post, Chloe claimed that face masks cause "health problems" for wearers.

While the family's medical beliefs may be unconventional, last year, mum Olivia urged women to get checked for breast cancer.

Battling cancer for 28 years, the Grease actress revealed that the disease spread to her bones and less than two years ago she was bedridden with a fractured pelvis and hip.

Olivia told The Sun: "I know it’s scary to go to the doctor, but it’s better to know than to not know. It’s important to do a monthly self-exam to notice any changes or lumps. Early detection is always best.

"My focus and purpose is continuing to find answers to treating cancer and helping others who are on that journey.

"So as strange as it may sound, I consider it a gift. I have learned so much and met some extraordinary women."

Four-time Grammy winner Olivia sold 100million records in a career lasting more than 50 years, and was made a Dame for her services to charity.

Since her breast cancer diagnosis she has split her time between her music and raising global awareness of cancer.

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