Official Avatar Twitter Account Posts New Sequel Photos – Check 'Em Out Here

Filming on the Avatar sequels is due to resume again in New Zealand, and now new set photos have emerged that provide a behind-the-scenes look at the large-scale production, thanks to the official Avatar Twitter account.

One of the images showcases “the lab,” which looks to be the place where the human characters are transformed into their Na’vi counterparts. A second, smaller structure can be seen in the background of the image, and this appears to be another set.

Another images shows director James Cameron on the lab set, with production materials plastered on poster boards surrounding him.

The Avatar movie Twitter account also replied to questions from fans, and confirmed that while Cameron looks very tired in the image, he’s actually “just very focused.” The account also confirmed that, despite the production delays, Avatar 2 remains on track to come to theatres on December 16, 2022. Further sequels are expected to follow in the years after.

Avatar 2 brings back the stars of the original movie, including Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, and Zoe Saldana, along with newcomers Kate Winslet, David Thewlis, and Vin Diesel. For more, check out everything we know about the Avatar sequels.

In addition to the Avatar movie sequels, The Division developer Ubisoft Massive is working on a new Avatar video game. In 2017, Ubisoft announced that it hired Battlefield veteran Patrick Bach to lead the team, which is on a hiring spree.

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