Nicole Scherzinger says disabled aunt 'taught her so much' as she celebrates World Down Syndrome Day

NICOLE Scherzinger told fans her disabled aunt 'taught her so much' as she celebrated World Down Syndrome Day.

The pop star shared a smiling snap with her Aunt Keziah, who is two years younger, as she paid tribute to her family member on Instagram.

World Down Syndrome Day is marked each year on March 2nd with Nicole, 42, sharing a sweet photo with Keziah yesterday and writing: "Auntie Keziah, the joy and light of our entire family!

"You teach us so much just with one smile, one laugh! You are our heart💕 Happy belated World Down Syndrome day! 🌸 #DownSyndromeAwareness #TheLuckyFew"

Nicole credits her auntie Keziah, who has Down’s syndrome, for inspiring her to fight for better opportunities for those with intellectual disabilities.

She previously told The Sun: "People with learning disability have huge resources, capabilities, skill and ability.

“Different maybe – but certainly not less.”

Keziah inspired Nicole to want to provide better opportunities for other people with intellectual disabilities – which is why she was a Special Olympics global ambassador in 2016.

She said: "I was raised with my aunt – who is two years younger than me and who has Down’s syndrome.

"I know how important chances and opportunities are for people with intellectual disability.

"My auntie Keziah is the youngest of my mother’s sisters and as a child we were raised side by side and were incredibly close. A relationship kind of like a sister, but even though I’m older she was always the boss.

"My auntie was, and still is, the most inspiring and positive influence to me.

"Singing, dancing and music was what we just loved to do together and it brought us so much joy. And our family even more so, because they still make us get up at family get-togethers.

"She is the most genuine, authentic, loving and caring person. Someone you know will always be there with an embrace, happiness and a smile no matter what life brings. Her heart, filled with love, has no boundaries.

"She is an inspiration; she helps others and looks for nothing in return."

Nicole went on: "My aunt faced difficulties growing up. The bullying didn’t last long because we are very protective of her and a big, strong family.

"Keziah is one of ten siblings; my grandmother had 18 brothers and sisters.

"We have lost count but I believe she has more than 69 grandchildren."

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