Nick Cordero ‘doing well’ after tracheostomy as his wife hopes his ‘brain will soon wake up’ in coronavirus battle – The Sun

NICK Cordero is "doing well" after having a tracheostomy procedure.

His wife told fans she hopes his "brain will soon wake up" in his coronavirus battle.

Amanda said on Instagram yesterday: "He is doing okay.

"His [ventilator] settings are down, which is good.

"That’s a really great sign that his breathing is going well."

The mom to 10-month-old Elvis went on: “Yesterday was just basically a day of getting adjusted to the trach and seeing how he’s doing with it and kind of leveling out these settings."

“He’s doing well so I’m just hoping for another day of rest and recovery for Nick.

"I think the more days he has of this might help his brain to wake up.”

On Saturday she also explained: “The trach is a good step and one that we are happy happened… it is still assisted breathing.”

“Trac is still the ventilator machine just through a different opening.

“Still good news because it means lower vent settings.”

Amanda said last week her husband was finally healthy enough” to receive the breathing tube.

She shared the trach is "a lot more comfortable" for Nick.

"I hope this is just a great sign for some good recovery days ahead, and for him to be able to wake up and just have that pressure relieved from his throat. Thank God!"

Nick has been fighting the coronavirus in the ICU since late March.

The Tony Award-nominated actor for Bullets over Broadway suffered complications from the illness including an infection in his lungs.

Doctors also had to amputate his right leg because of blood clots.

She said in an interview last week: "He's a dancer. He's an actor. He's a performer.

"It was not an easy decision to make."

Late last month, Amanda updated fans Nick tested negative for Covid-19 but still needs surgery to fit a pacemaker to stop his heart rate from dropping.

Still Amanda is incredibly optimistic about her husband's recovery.

She said: "I feel like there is an army of people behind him, behind us.

"And I just believe, I get chills saying it, that he will wake up."

She and his fans have been singing his song, Live Your Life, everyday and using the hashtag #WakeUpNick to encourage him.


Last year Nick and Amanda moved to California, and since then have been living in his best friend's, Zach Braff, guest house.

Zach told The Hollywood Reporter: "One of my best friends in the world, Nick Cordero, and his wife and baby have been living in my guest house for seven months as they were house-shopping in L.A. to make the move out here.

"They fell in love with L.A. So, they went home to pack up their things and he got COVID-19 when they did that, and he has it worse than anyone I've heard of who hasn't passed away."

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