NFL May Bar Unvaccinated Coaches From Face-To-Face Interactions In Games Or Meeting Rooms

The National Football League is taking a strong stance against unvaccinated coaches.

The NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero has reported that assistant coaches on at least four teams are refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccine. If they don’t comply by Monday, they will be barred from coaching players face to face, on the field, or in meeting rooms.

There are exceptions carved out for those who can cite health reasons or religion to avoid getting a jab. But it is unclear whether the coaching staffers who reject vaccination can continue to do their jobs if they can’t deal with players personally.

The NFL Network report did not identify the teams or coaches that are affected, and the league has not commented yet.

Pelissero shared a memo from the league on Twitter that outlined the restrictions. Basically, unvaccinated staff will not be allowed to interact with any players in person.

Last month, the league and the Players Association agreed to a set of more relaxed guidelines for vaccinated players. Those not fully vaccinated are required to still wear masks, socially distance, and are subject to daily testing. They must also quarantine if exposed to an infected person.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell previously said that more than 90 percent of major staffers on 30 NFL teams have been inoculated. The other two teams have reached at least 85 percent vaccinated.

The league will require that coaches and staff will need their first injection by next week and should be fully vaccinated by the final week of July, when training camps start.

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