New dad Jake Quickenden fears he's struggling to bond with baby son and admits rows with Sophie due to lack of sleep

HE became a dad for the first time just last month and like many first time parents, Jake Quickenden is struggling to come to terms with what a seismic change it is.

Speaking candidly about his experiences with son Leo, the 32-year-old admitted he has struggled to bond with the newborn and the stress and lack of sleep has led to rows with his girlfriend Sophie Church.

The reality star, who is currently appearing in Celebrity Bumps:Famous and Pregnant, told The Sun Online: “It’s just such a beautiful thing but it’s also a rollercoaster. It’s so up and down. 

“Some days you wake up and feel great and you can take on the world and then the next day it is totally different, he won’t settle. It’s the worry, the constant worry.”

Jake initially found it hard to bond with his son, but is getting to grips with it now as he’s determined to be as hands on as possible with Leo.

“I struggled with the bonding the first few weeks,” he admitted. “ I felt like every time I was trying to settle him he wouldn’t settle and then I would hand him to Sophs and he would fall straight asleep. 

“I obviously know he doesn’t hate me, I just felt like the bond wasn’t as strong for me straight away but that is totally understandable I guess.”

Jake, who rose to fame on the X Factor, added: “I forgot that Leo has been in Sophs tummy for nine months, he knows her smell, he knows her heartbeat but he is starting to settle much better with me now. I am trying my hardest to be as involved as I possibly can.”

Not surprisingly, the lack of sleep has taken its toll on the couple, who briefly split prior to Sophie falling pregnant. 

Jake is aware how normal it is to be going through such ups and downs with Sophie, who is mum to six-year-old Freddie from a previous relationship, but he has decided he isn’t going to sugarcoat it.

He said: “It’s when we have both not slept and she probably looks at me and thinks shut your mouth.  I did a post the other day about how it is important to remember  we still love each other even in those moments we don’t really like each other. 

“I think it’s so relevant when you are a new parent because you have had no sleep, you are saying things you don’t really mean but you just have to remember you are on the same team, you have the same goal and that  is to make sure Leo is ok.”

Jake added: “I think when you are in lockdown as well, you are just taking everything out on each other. If Leo isn’t settling you can’t tell him off so we end up having a little one two with each other, but she is amazing. 

“I think it has brought us closer together but of course we are arguing, we are normal.” 

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