Neighbours spoilers: Dee Bliss returns to destroy Toadie Rebecchi’s new relationship?

Neighbours tease 'return' of Dee Bliss

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Dee (played by Madeleine West) made her triumphant return to Neighbours back in 2019, some 15 years after it was presumed she’d died on her wedding day. The beloved character was finally reunited with her ex-husband, Toadie (Ryan Maloney), and it wasn’t long before the pair fell head-over-heels in love again. However, thanks to her twin sister Andrea Somers (Madeleine West) and needing to understand her past, Dee broke things off with her lover and moved away from Ramsay Street. Though, upcoming scenes on the Channel 5 soap are going to see Toadie embark on a new relationship so will the reemergence of his ex-wife destroy yet another romance?

Several months ago, viewers saw Toadie join a dating app and match with his legal secretary, Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden).

Both agreed they would remain friends but it seems working in such close proximity to each other every day has encouraged the pair to act on their feelings.

Off-screen, the two characters have been getting to know one another a bit better but scenes airing this week in the UK will be the first time the romance is made public knowledge.

The suspicions about the new Ramsay Street couple will come when Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) notices her boss being quite harsh towards Melanie.

Confronting the lawyer about the way he’s treating their colleague, the youngster is surprised that he agrees to be more mindful.

However, what will become clear is Toadie has been harsher towards Melanie to try and keep their romance a secret.

They would rather sneak around than let their neighbours in on their relationship but Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) becomes the second person to catch them in the act.

As in all soaps, nothing stays secret for long but it looks like the couple are going to try and hide their affair for as long as possible.

When they do decide to go public, the pair could face a backlash but not from those living in Erinsborough, but from characters situated a little further away.

Still in correspondence with Dee, the father-of-two could send her a message to say he’s moving on with Melanie.

It’s Toadie’s first serious relationship since Dee

Ryan Maloney

Although it’s been a year since they last saw each other, Dee could still be harbouring feelings for her ex-husband.

They parted ways as the beloved character left Ramsay Street to visit Canada, where her long-lost father was living.

At the time, he was extremely unwell and so Dee wanted to spend as much time with him as she could, having lost out on so many years together.

Therefore, she and Toadie parted on good terms and there was no tension between them, meaning the door was left open for a possible romance in the future.

As her former lover is now with another woman and with her father having passed away, Dee could make her long-awaited comeback to ensure the relationship fails.

Toadie hasn’t had much luck at all with love, so will he resent Dee for interfering in his life, or will the destruction of the romance see him give his ex-wife another chance?

Speaking exclusively with, the actor who plays Toadie, Ryan, explained why his character wants to keep the romance under the radar.

The soap star said: “As they’re working together and also it’s Toadie’s first serious relationship since Dee, he is enjoying it being their secret.

“He doesn’t feel he has to explain himself,” the actor declared, referencing how Dee does play a part in this storyline inadvertently.

Asked the same question, the actress who plays Melanie, Lucinda, said: “Rebecchi Law has taken on a big case which is about a workplace affair.”

“And Toadie can’t be seen to be conducting a workplace affair whilst defending one. The client wants his legal team to be above reproach,” she explained.

This could be the way Dee makes her return, by discovering her ex-husband is defying the very case he is working on.

In the hope to destroy the couple, the beloved character could report him to the legal counsel over his affair.

Toadie and Melanie would have no choice but to reveal they are in a relationship, which would jeopardise the case and the romance.

Could Dee be becoming more like her troublesome sister Andrea and do everything in her power to make Toadie hers?

The actress who plays Dee, Madeleine, has previously spoken out on whether she would return to the show as her iconic character.

“I’ve already said that I would love to. Playing these two characters at once is the most complex thing I’ve ever done,” she said.

“With Neighbours, it’s very easy to call it a soap. But when a show has such a large cast and is airing as frequently as it is – and has been airing for 35 years – it has no choice but to really capture the zeitgeist and be exceptionally topical.

“We know that Dee loves Toadie and Toadie loves Dee. Their story is about finding each other,” the soap star told Digital Spy.

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5.

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