MTV’s ‘The Challenge’: Jenn Lee Tells Us About Her Time on the Show and What She Learned About Herself

Showbiz Cheat Sheet chatted with MTV’s The Challengestar Jenn Lee. Here’s what the former Amazing Race contestant had tosay.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet: Can you explain to our readers who have never seen the show what The Challenge is about?

Jenn Lee: The Challenge is a highlycompetitive show that mixes extreme mental and physical challenges, socialstrategizing, and politics all in one. There is truly nothing like it, becausenot only are you competing against each other, you are also all livingtogether.

CS: Why did you decide to join this show?

JL: Growing up, I’ve watched The Real Worldand The Challenge. I always thought to myself, “Wow, what a badassshow. How cool would it be to be on it and be able to compete in these extreme,once-in-a-lifetime challenges? So, obviously when the opportunity was presentedto me, I jumped on it and was game!

CS: What was your most challenging obstacle?

JL: I think the most challenging obstacle was thefact that I’ve never experienced this before, and also the fact that I came incompletely solo with no ties to anyone. Most of the other rookies came from theMTV family or came from the same season of another TV series. I came into thiscompletely on my own. I was at a disadvantage since I had no one on my team andhad to try my hardest to make alliances. I would say social strategy andinexperience with this environment were the most challenging obstacles.

CS: How did you prepare mentally and physically forthe show?

JL: To prepare for the show, I started training extrahard. I started doing two-a-days and took every fitness and cardio class ever.However, I came to realize while on the show, that rather than focusing oncardio, I should have been weight training.

CS: What did you learn about yourself after being on The Challenge?

JL: After being on The Challenge I learnedthat I can only tolerate shrew behavior for so long. I’m not a confrontationalperson. I majored in psychology, and if someone is being rude, I always try toput myself in their shoes and see why they might be acting that way. I wouldsay I’m a pretty fair person and pretty easy-going.

However, from my experience on The Challenge, I learned that once I hit my breaking point and feel backed into a corner, I will do what it takes to defend myself. This isn’t my usual character, but I realized sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself, especially when pushed to the limit when you’ve done nothing but try to accommodate the other person.

Stay tuned for part two of our chat with Jenn Lee.

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