Money Heist season 4 Netflix release time: What time is Money Heist released on Netflix?

Netflix will be dropping the new series of Money Heist soon and the action will be picking up exactly where it left off: in the Bank of Spain. A trailer was dropped ahead of the forthcoming series, promising lots of action for fans. looks at when the show is going to be landing on the streaming platform.

What time is Money Heist season 4 released on Netflix?

Season four of Money Heist – or in Spanish La Casa de Papel – will be released on Netflix tomorrow (Friday, April 3).

The new series will consist of eight episodes in total, just like the last instalment of the show.

As per Netflix, the entire series will be released in one go for viewers to binge.

Although Netflix will be dropping Money Heist simultaneously across the globe, the time it’s available on the platform will vary according to your geographical location.


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All Netflix Originals are dropped at midnight Pacific Standard Time because the streaming company’s headquarters are in California.

So, British fans can watch Money Heist from 8am BST on Netflix UK.

Episodes of Money Heist can be either streamed via the platform or downloaded to be watched offline.

Netflix subscribers can watch Money Heist on several different devices including mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and laptops.

The show has been a hit since it first debuted in 2017 and was originally supposed to be a limited series split into two parts.

However, after being released on Netflix, the show developed a strong global following and prompted creator Álex Pina to write more story.

Speaking about the creation of the show, Pina previously told Drama Quarterly in 2018 it was completely fictional.

He said he simply wanted to make a believable drama with fully fleshed out characters.

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Pina explained: “With all these flashbacks, we wanted to tell the story and make it authentic, with lots of action and events one after the other, twists and turns.”

Season four is expected to play with time and narration much like its predecessor.

The writer also reflected about the heist genre in general, saying at a press conference in June 2019 how “the big bet or big identity of the series is Latino”.

As reported by Variety, he explained: “What the Latin world gives you are much greater affective dynamics: the passion of friendship, feelings, love.


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“That gives a far greater tension to the mix between a perfect crime, which has to function like clockwork, and characters who live their passions so intensely and impulsively.”

The show’s subversive and anti-capitalist slant has also led to a following with the Salvador Dali masks becoming synonymous with the show and fighting the system.

Fans have been speculating where the story could go next as the team find themselves up against the authorities in a high stakes game, which appears they’re losing.

Some audience members think the Professor (played by Alvaro Morte) could enter the bank in a bid to save the others.

Money Heist season 4 is released on Netflix tomorrow

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