Money Heist season 3: Who is Rodrigo de la Serna? Who plays Palermo in La Casa de Papel?

Money Heist season four has returned to Netflix with another outing of the Spanish crime drama. The heist on the Bank of Spain is once again the focus and was orchestrated by mastermind Palermo (played by Rodrigo De la Serna). Here’s what you need to know about this character and the Argentine actor who plays him.

Who plays Palermo in La Casa de Papel?

Money Heist season three saw the original heist gang reuniting after one of their own, Rio (played by Miguel Herran), is captured by the Panama authorities.

El Professor (Álvaro Morte) brings the gang back together to perform a new heist by stealing the gold in the Bank of Spain.

All of the surviving original team are back for the heist, including Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) and Nairobi (Alba Flores).

Part three of the Spanish drama also introduces a new character to the fray in Palermo, the criminal mastermind behind the new heist.

Palermo is played by Argentine actor Rodrigo De la Serna in the Netflix series. 

The 43-year-old actor is best known for playing Alberto Granada in the 2004 adaptation of The Motorcycle Diaries.

In the film, he played Che Guevara’s travelling companion in the 1952 motorcycle tour of Latin America, winning an Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance for the film. 

De la Serna was also nominated for a Best Supporting Actor BAFTA as well as a Golden Globe for the role.

Viewers will also recognise the actor from his leading role Matías Franco in the Argentine miniseries El Lobista.

Palermo is introduced in season three through a number of flashbacks following what happened after the death of El Professor’s brother Berlin (Pedro Alonso) in series two.


That he was a key person in Berlin’s life becomes increasingly clear as Palermo appears to still be reeling from the death of Berlin.

He confronts El Professor about his role in Berlin’s death and whether he considered it would actually happen.

As one of the criminal masterminds behind the new heist, Palermo quickly becomes an integral member of the team in series three. 

However, he is also evidently a divisive character who rubs many of his fellow gang members up the wrong way throughout the season.


In an interview with Cosmopolitan France, Tokyo actor Úrsula Corberó said of Palermo: “He is a very particular character, with incredible energy that can go from drama to comedy with a snap of a finger and who can convince us.”

The fourth series saw him return but he betrayed the rest of his team.

By the end of the season he had redeemed himself, uniting again with his fellow heist members.

Money Heist season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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