Money Heist plot hole: Denver and Stockholm anger fans as they forget key character

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As the Professor (played by Álvaro Morte) sets his crack team of criminal specialists on the Bank of Spain, Money Heist kept the twists coming thick and fast. However, as the plot of the thrilling Netflix series became more convoluted, fans had trouble keeping up with the growing roster of characters.

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Netflix brought the Spanish drama onto its popular streaming platform in 2017 with phenomenal results, as the series has become one of the most widely watched subtitled television series in recent years.

The first two parts saw the Professor’s meticulously planned heist on the Royal Mint of Spain sabotaged by the Spanish police and some shocking interpersonal drama.

With several members of the team dead, and some new specialists introduced at the beginning of Part Three, the Professor was ready to take on his next challenge; the Bank of Spain.

Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as planned, and the criminal mastermind closed the series at gunpoint when his police adversary Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) discovered his hideout.


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Despite the latest instalment delivering shocking reveals at every turn, some viewers have started to find keeping up with Money Heist’s complex heist narrative harder than it was in earlier seasons.

The first two parts shattered expectations when one of the team’s hostages, Monica (Esther Acebo), decided to leave the Royal Mint with the heist crew and start a relationship with Denver (Jaime Lorente).

Between Parts Two and Three, Monica joins the team and is renamed Stockholm, and the series reveals the couple have been raising her and Arturo’s (Enrique Arce) son, named Cincinnati (Luca Anton).

Her new alias is, of course, a play on the Stockholm Syndrome condition, in which a hostage begins to fall in love with their captor, while Cincinnati was named after the city in Ohio in tribute to the team’s convention of city-based nicknames.

Fans were gripped by the developing romance in earlier episodes of the ongoing series, but their relationship seems to have fallen victim to the show’s constantly shuffling character arcs.

Some fans took to Reddit to point out the absence of Cincinnati in the most recent season, who was barely mentioned throughout the entirety of Part Four.

Redditor theOnlyAC13 posted: “Do you guys find it weird that through the entire Season 4 there was not a word about Denver and Stockholm‘s son, Cincinnati?

“I just remembered it randomly. It was a pretty big thing in season three, or at least in the beginning. And no word of him in season four. We don‘t know anything about what happened to him.”

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Cincinnati appears briefly in Part Three, dressed up in an adorable approximation of the team’s heist outfits, complete with red jumpsuit and Salvador Dali moustache.

However, as the heist gets underway, Denver and Stockholm’s young son is swiftly forgotten about in the chaos of the Professor’s hit on the Bank of Spain.

Other fans argued it made sense for the couple to forget about their son during their high stakes mission, especially considering the traumatic death of Nairobi (Alba Flores).

They commented: “He’s with the silent monks in Italy so I guess there’s no reason to bring it up randomly. Everyone inside is worried more about getting the gold and getting out with their lives.


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“I think in that high risk situation, knowing exactly where Cincinnati is and knowing that he’s being taken care of helps Denver and Stockholm not worry too much.”

Even so, it was still jarring for many viewers for relatively new parents to not be concerned about the future of their child once things start to go deadly wrong for the team.

With Part Five reportedly on the way, though not officially greenlit by Netflix, fans are hoping the series can return to its roots and deliver a more streamlined series when Money Heist eventually returns.

Money Heist Part 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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