Molly-Mae Hague says it's 'really hard' receiving constant stream of free gifts

IN a year when visits to foodbanks have soared, millions are out of work and many people have been kept apart from their families for months, spare a thought for poor Love Islander Molly-Mae Hague, who has revealed her horror at . . .  being sent too many presents.

In a bewildering YouTube video yesterday, the runner-up grumbled about the avalanche of free gifts sent to her flat and said the process of receiving the goodies has become “really hard”.

Given her primary employment is being paid huge sums to post pics of things online and look pretty at parties, I’d have thought she’d have plenty of time on her hands to sort through the parcels.

Such is her horror at the constant stream of delivery drivers, she has employed a security firm to sit outside her home 24/7 to manage the constant flow of gifts.

Molly, who lives with boxer boyfriend Tommy Fury, insisted her rant was prompted by a fear for her personal safety — which I would never want to undermine — but Postmanpataphobia is a new one on me.

Appearing from what looked like her own bed to an audience of 5.3million online followers, who are treated to intimate updates every time she buys a handbag or wears a new dress — anything short of visiting the loo is on the table — publicity shy Molly said: “I have to pay a lot of money a month for extremely high security for the apartment.

“I didn’t feel safe in our last apartment, I don’t feel safe anywhere any more.

“I have no understanding of how, but the amount of PR packages I receive every single day from people, from all over the UK, that know my address.

“One brand got hold of my address and have sent it round, that is what I feel like has happened.

“As much as I appreciate PR parcels and I know people want to get their businesses out there. It is really hard.”

Now, I totally understand her concerns about her security — Molly is a young woman and no one should feel unsafe in their own home — but to moan about it while posing with an endless stream of free gifts, beauty products and clothes feels ludicrously hypocritical.

A reality star with Molly’s reach and influence can command upwards of £40,000 per sponsored advertising post on Instagram. And as she said herself, she gets most stuff for free anyway.

So with all that spare cash, and after moving to a new place, Molly could have instructed her management to take steps to ensure those irritating freebies are sent to an office or a holding depot.

But presumably she wouldn’t want to miss out on something good . . . 

So luxury goods brands, tech giants, fashion houses, bikini ranges and more can save Molly from this unbearable horror.

Her new address is Simon Boyle, Bizarre, The Sun, London.

Dua's in train-ing for party

Dua Lipa really put in the leg work when it came to modelling Puma’s latest shoes.

The Levitating singer wore this sparkly leotard and tights to launch the brand’s Suede Mayu trainers.

I imagine she’ll have on an even more glamorous outfit this Sunday, though, when she performs at Sir Elton John’s virtual Oscars party raising money for his Aids Foundation.

He shared a comedy video on social media this week which featured him with rollers in his hair doing the hoovering alongside his husband David Furnish, while asking: “Bored with lockdown?”

He then transformed into more colourful gear and posed with a cardboard cutout of Dua to encourage people to buy tickets to the event, where he will be joining her on stage.

That’s a collaboration worth tuning in for.

Liam’s lad Lennon’s lust for model Yust

Liam Gallagher dated his fair share of models, and once again his son Lennon is emulating his old man.

After pictures of the younger Gallagher looking loved up with a mystery woman emerged last week, I can reveal she is Polish model Yustyna Libicka.

She has worked with big names including high-end fashion houses Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

And from the look of her Instagram, it’s clear why Lennon is so infatuated with her, as she has shared plenty of raunchy photos of herself wearing not very much at all.

A source close to Lennon said: “The pair met through their modelling work. They’re madly in love and have a lot in common.”

Lennon and Yustyna were spotted in a boozer in Primrose Hill, North London, knocking back shots and smoking – just like his Oasis rocker dad Liam did in the Nineties and Noughties.

Also like his father, Lennon is releasing rock ’n’ roll music, with the band Automotion.

I’ll go out there and say it won’t be anywhere near as good as Oasis.

Tom ready to tell all in a Rocketman-style biopic

Sir Tom Jones could follow in the footsteps of Freddie Mercury and Sir Elton John by having his life story made into a movie.

The Welsh singing legend has said he is in discussions for a film to be made about his rags-to-riches journey.

He said: “Well, there’s been talk of it but I’d have to tell all.”

The What’s New Pussycat? singer told Alan Carr’s Life’s A Beach podcast that he would want an actor to play him, just as Elton was portrayed by Taron Egerton in Rocketman.

Tom said: “It would be better to get an actor, because there are actor singers that have come forward.

“The best thing to do is get a really good actor, like Elton John did. Then the music, you get somebody to do it. I’ll either do it myself or somebody that can do a soundalike.

“There are Tom Jones soundalikes out there, you know, younger fellas, but the acting is the important part.”

Also set to get the big-screen biopic treatment is The Muppets creator Jim Henson, who died from pneumonia in 1990 aged 53.

Disney and The Jim Henson Company hope the film will focus on “Henson’s journey to convince broadcasters that The Muppets was a great idea”.

The as-yet-untitled movie will be produced by his daughter Lisa.

Extra guards for Harry's movie shoot

Harry Styles is always in demand, but when it comes to shooting his racy new film My Policeman, the desire from fans to catch a glimpse will be next level.

I’m told bosses on the project are anticipating such big crowds when they shoot on Brighton seafront in a fortnight that they have beefed up security to protect him.

Executives are obliged to put up signs warning of the filming in advance, which has prompted fears they may be mobbed by baying fans when heart-throb Harry appears on set.

I told yesterday how Harry will strip off three times in the movie – two of those for red-hot sex scenes.

Other parts of the movie will be shot around the South Coast city.

A film insider said: “Harry always commands security because he’s such a superstar, but this is going to be on another level. They know that his and the rest of the cast’s safety is paramount so that needs to be taken into account.

“But on top of that they will need to be able to shoot the scenes in peace and quiet, without a load of fans in the background. So they are really shelling out for a massive security unit to ensure filming can go ahead without a hitch.”

The film, based on Bethan Roberts’ 2012 novel of the same name, will see Harry portray policeman Tom Burgess, who marries school teacher Marion.

The drama also stars The Crown’s Emma Corrin and My Best Friend’s Wedding actor Rupert Everett.

Unfortunately for them, I doubt they will be allowed out for a stroll down the pier to buy a bag of donuts if the security crews have anything to do with it.

Dakota’s portable sex toy

Chris Martin’s girlfriend Dakota Johnson says she keeps a sex toy in her purse in case she gets the urge to use it while she’s out.

The 50 Shades Of Grey actor said: “Its versatility as an intimate massager, and everywhere body massager, is absolutely epic.

“Not to mention it is travel size. Do I keep it in my purse? Yes. Yes I do.”

Lou's harsh night

Nature is healing – celebrities are starting to party again.

After a year stuck inside, Louise Redknapp and Radio 1 DJs Jaguar and Sarah Story were spotted letting their hair down at Night Tales bar in Hackney, East London.

They were there on Wednesday for a DJ set from house music drag queen Jodie Harsh, who is so keen to get people partying that she is launching her own club night as soon as restrictions end in England in June.

Judging by the crowd who came for her set, where everyone had to be sat down, she’ll have no problem pulling in the punters when clubs finally reopen.

Dating app for music fans

A dating app is launching to pair up like-minded music lovers.

Called POM – Power of Music – it has already attracted more than 5,000 singles to sign up before the July 27 launch.

The app uses data from streaming service profiles to find a match.

So no more turning up in a Motown T-shirt to find a date in Slayer merch.

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