Molly-Mae Hague reveals 'rock hard big lump' on her finger as she asks fans for diagnosis

MOLLY-Mae Hague revealed a "rock-hard" lump on her finger last night as she asked for help to diagnose it.

The reality TV star begged her millions of followers to take a look as she showed them her left hand on Instagram last night.

She wrote over the snap on her Instagram Story: "Also I have a very weird/ big lump on my finger andI have for ages now…. no idea what it is! Bone? Nodule? It doesn't hurt it is just rock hard!"

"Doesn't even look big here but it really sticks out"

There are many different types of lumps and bumps that appear on our skin.

In most cases they're harmless, but some can be warning signs that something more sinister is going on – from cancer to liver problems.

Molly's lump looks like a papule, which is one of the most common types of bumps that appear on the skin and is a type of pimple, according to Medical News Today.

But unlike the usual pimples with pustules, they don't have a yellowish, liquid blister of pus and are, instead, solid to touch.

They can be treated with over-the-counter medicines and, if these do not work, a GP can prescribe medication.

In November Molly-Mae Hague said she had been given a devastating diagnosis that a mole on her leg was cancerous.

The heartbroken 21-year-old said she started crying and told her family the news as soon as she heard.

Appearing in a lengthy new YouTube video, Molly-Mae filmed the moment a doctor told her that the mole was malignant while she was on a trip to Venice.

The Love Island runner-up said: "I’ve already shed tears about it. I’ve already like cried down the phone to every single family member."

Molly explained the the mole has been sent to be examined by experts in America and she will receive the results later this month.

The star revealed she had cancelled all of her work for the two weeks as she waited for an update.

She said: "I had the mole removed, the removal was fine. I got the call today, and he’s told me it is a malignant melanoma.

"That's skin cancer basically, which is obviously petrifying, and shocking, and scary.  I don’t even know what to really think or say."

Molly-Mae claimed the mole had been given the all-clear by two dermatologists but showed it to a third doctor in passing while visiting for a different complaint.

She told fans: "As I was leaving the doctors I said: 'Oh, I've had my mole checked by two dermatologists and they said it's fine.

"'But can you just quickly give me a third opinion on this mole? I personally don't feel like it looks quite right.'

"So then I lifted up my jogger and she took one look at the mole and was like: 'Yeah, that needs to come off.' And my heart started racing.

"She just looked quite concerned. I was by myself and I literally just went for a routine check up… and ended up finding out that I had to have a mole removed."

Molly added: "I was walking round with skin cancer on my leg."

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