Michelle Heaton marks 60 days sober and admits she couldn't go six hours without booze at height of addiction

MICHELLE Heaton has proudly marked 60 days sober as she admitted that she used to be unable to go just six hours without alcohol at the height of her addiction.

The 41-year-old star checked into rehab earlier this year, and has since revealed she was days from death after going on a three-year cocaine and booze binge.

But she passed a huge milestone at the weekend, and showed off a photo of her sobriety chips.

She had her newcomer one, one week marker, 30 days, and now a new 60 days one.

Michelle also posted a screenshot of the app she uses to track her sobriety, which revealed she kicked the booze and drugs on 28 April 2021.

Captioning the post, the star poignantly penned: "Today I am 60 days clean and sober. There was a point where 6 hours would have been hard to do.

"There was a point where I gave up any hope, attempt, empty promises because I became so sick.

"I admitted 60 days ago I was powerless to alcohol. And it had total control over me.

"One day at a time. One more day then yesterday. A moment's silence to all those still suffering like I was."

She concluded the moving post: "The first step, the hardest step – to admit it to yourself you need help. Second is asking for it. #yougotthis"

Michelle finally got the help that she needed following an intervention from her showbiz pals, led by Katie Price.

They not only insisted Michelle book herself into The Priory, but paid for her four-week stay to beat her drug and alcohol addiction.

Breaking down in tears, she previously told The Sun in an exclusive interview: “I texted Katie while I was in The Priory, ‘You saved my life’. Because The Priory did save my life.

“What I was doing was a suicide mission. I never actually thought, ‘I want to kill myself’, but ultimately I was killing myself.

“I was crying out for help when I couldn’t actually ask for help. But when you’re an addict, it feels like there’s no way out.”

Michelle had been downing up to two bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka virtually every day since 2018, and snorting cocaine.

The married mum of two shot to fame on ITV’s Popstars in 2000, leading to the formation of Liberty X a year later. After they split in 2007 she moved into writing and TV work.

A downward spiral set in when she discovered in 2012 that she was a carrier of the mutated BRCA2 gene.

It meant she had an 85 per cent risk of breast cancer and up to a 40 per cent risk of ovarian cancer. So she took the agonising decision to have a double mastectomy in 2012 and a hysterectomy in 2014.

She didn't have therapy to help her through how the operations left her feeling, and instead turned to drink and drugs to cope.

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