Mel C delighted as Spice Girls fans rescue her priceless memorabilia from 99p eBay auction

MEL C was overjoyed to get her cherished Spice Girls memorabilia returned to her after her collection went up for sale on eBay for just 99p.

As The Sun revealed this week, Mel, 47, was shocked to spot her famous tracksuits, Spice Girls demos, photos of the band and home videos on offer — with a starting bid of just 99p.

They had accidentally found their way to the online auction site following a mix-up at the storage lock-up where they were kept.

The belongings would have been sold to the highest bidder, but luckily some loyal eagle-eyed fans spotted her treasured merchandise and reached out to Mel.

They spotted the eBay description that claimed the goods were from an "abandoned storage room" with the information adding that the items were a "storage room job lot" based in "Swindon SN3."

Mel told the Mirror: “Gosh! I was quite shocked about that situation. I was very shocked to see that on eBay.

"There was a little bit of a mix-up in an old storage unit of mine but I do have possession of everything now. I was able to get my hands on it quite quickly.

“It was fans that spotted it on eBay and thought there was something not quite right so thankfully, we were able to intercept it quite quickly.

“This is thing – our fans are absolutely incredible. We absolutely adore them. We’ve grown up with them.

"Sometimes we go to countries I’ve not been in decades and I still recognise people that come to see us and it's like, "Oh my gosh! You look great!"

Reminiscing about how the girl band started out, Mel said: “We had a new Labour government and everything felt so positive and music was thriving, obviously with the Brit Pop era.

“So there was a lot going on. It was an exciting time to be out there and representing Britain.

“That was one thing. We flew the flag. Geri quite literally wore the flag!

"It was something we were very proud to do around the mid-90s because it was such an exciting and optimistic time here in the UK.”

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