Matt Hancock confirms on GMB that scotch egg counts as a substantial meal

Health secretary Matt Hancock told Piers Morgan on Wednesday's Good Morning Britain that a scotch egg "absolutely can be" classed as a substantial meal.

Scotch eggs have been the topic on everyone's lips since it was announced that pubs would only be allowed to serve alcohol alongside a "substantial meal", leading many to wonder if the classic British snack counted as one.

After a calm and collected discussion about the newly-approved Pfizer Vaccine, Piers couldn't help but ask Matt about the ongoing scotch egg debate.

Hancock told him: "The truth is, a substantial meal is a well known concept in hospitality. It's a standard concept. A scotch egg absolutely can be."

As Piers pushed for more, he explained: "It means a meal you sit down to. A meal, for instance, including a starter.

"A scotch egg can be a substantial meal but there's a concept that can be a substantial meal – people in hospitality know what it is."

He added: "The rules are really clear around that."

Piers asked him for a definition, to which Hancock replied: "It means a meal that you sit down to."

But the Good Morning Britain presenter wasn't happy with the response, telling him he was wrong.

Susanna Reid explained she'd found the definition on a legal blog, saying it cited a substantial meal as a "substantial sandwich accompanied by pickles".

Eventually, Hancock just urged the public not to try and find loopholes or take advantage of the guidelines.

It seems the confusion is still rife – but viewers were more concerned with the actual interview itself, which had started out in a civil manner before turning into something more argumentative.

One tweeted: "Ah yes Piers and Susanna let's ruin an enjoyable interview by throwing a tantrum over a substantial meal."

Another wrote: "Well it started well, but Piers couldn't help himself could he? Same old, same old."

A third said: "He was spot on in his reply – people need to be sensible and stop looking for loop holes to get around restrictions."

While a fourth added: "I get it, grill the politician – totally agree. But not today – he has a lot to do rather than just PR."

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