Martin Lewis told to 'button up his shirt' by Good Morning Britain bosses as he refuses to wear a tie

MARTIN Lewis revealed he got a slap on the wrist from Good Morning Bosses for refusing to wear a tie.

The TV consumer champion was told to "button up his shirt" after viewers begged him "wear a tie!" during his debut as Susanna Reid's co-host yesterday.

The money saving expert wears his shirt with the top three buttons undone – revealing a hint of his hairy chest.

"They told me to button up my shirt and I tried but the button keeps sliding undone," Martin joked.

But Martin's co-host Susanna admitted she didn't mind his less formal look on the show.

"I don't mind, it's not me," she insisted.

Yesterday Martin took Piers Morgan's old spot after 15 years as the programme's resident money expert and ditched his tie despite show bosses asking him to wear one.

Martin, 49, wore a buttoned down white shirt and black jacket but the laid back look annoyed some viewers when Susanna, 50, pointed it out.

Seeing a tie-less Martin in the hot seat, one viewer said: "Wear a tie, this is not his 'day job' and I do understand the reasoning on that one but this is a serious news programme not a Sunday afternoon in the pub #gmb"

Another tweeted: "Looks uncomfortable"

And one more moaned: "Ooh Chest Hair First thing on a morning! No thank you."

As another said: "Wear a tie. Have some respect please."

However, others liked Martin "trustworthy" appearance and a GMB poll found that most viewers were happy to see Martin without a tie on air.

One viewer said: "@MartinSLewis Don't wear a tie please? I prefer the calm relaxed out look. More trusting too! #GMB"

Martin had earlier told viewers: "I won't wear a tie because it appears corporate and I talk about money, but I'm not on the corporate side.

"Smart is good but I'm not going to wear a tie. Having said that GMB viewers, you are the ultimate answer of this so I've agreed I won't wear a tie on my first day and we're going to do a poll on Twitter, if you say wear a tie from tomorrow I will put a tie on."

The founder, who is worth an estimated £128million after selling the site, will appear on the show in a brief stint from June 28 to 30.

Good Morning Britain has replaced Piers Morgan with an ever-changing roster of male stars since he quit in March.

They include Adil Ray, Richard Madeley and even Piers' old rival Alastair Campbell, alongside regular host Ben Shephard.

In July last year Martin admitted he was bowing out of Good Morning Britain to focus on his own ITV series, The Martin Lewis Money Show.

He said: "I hope to still pop on Good Morning Britain, it's been a wonderful 15-odd years on ITV daytime."

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