‘Married at First Sight’: Reunion Host Kevin Frazer Calls Zach Justice Out For Breaking His Wedding Vows In Sneak Peek

ZachJustice and MindyShiben had a lackluster relationship, to say the least, on Lifetime’s Marriedat First Sight Season 10.

Not only did Zach refuse to move in with Mindy after theirhoneymoon, but he rarely ever spent time with her when the cameras were off.What’s more, Zacheven talked to Mindy’s friend, Lindsay—who had attended their wedding!—behindhis wife’s back, only to be dishonest about it later.

Ultimately, Mindy called things off with Zach well before DecisionDay. The ill-fated couple reaffirmed their decision to split on the Apr. 15 Marriedat First Sight finale. They’ll face off once again on the Apr. 22 Season 10reunion.

And in an exclusive sneak peek of the reunion from PopCulture.com, it looks like host Kevin Frazier didn’t let Zach off easy for breaking his vows to his wife.

Frazier called Zach out for breaking his wedding vows in the sneak peek

In a sneak peek of the Married at First Sight reunionepisode, Zachand Mindy sat down for a tense meeting, five months after Decision Day.

In the clip, Frazier appeared to call the fitness coach outfor essentially abandoning his wife immediately after their wedding. During theseason, Mindy revealed that Zach told her he didn’t find her physicallyattractive multiple times shortly after she walked down the aisle.

“Now, what changed from your wedding day, when you said thatyou will always make her feel like the most attractive woman in the world andyou will always make her feel good and positive?” Frazier wanted to know, asZach squirmed in his seat. “What changed from that day to the next day?”

Zach seemed to try to evade the question as he responded vaguely, “I think, just, a lot came over me, where you’re not thinking strictly back to the wedding day, and your vows. You get distracted by everything else that goes on in the process.”

Zach said he felt like he was in a ‘tough position’

But Frazier wasn’t ready to let up. “But I’m saying, did youmean those words that day?” he probed.

Zach insisted, “I did. Yeah, I did.”

“Then what changed by the next day?” Frazier continued. (Mindy,for her part, looked pleased with the line of questioning.)

Zach, who has sincetold Soap Dirt that he and Mindy were simply too different to make theirmatch work—and that he tried too hard to “force” a union with someone he neverfelt attracted to—gave yet another vague reply.

“It’s hard to say. It’s not like I reverted back to those vows every time I was going through these tough situations. I didn’t think, ‘Oh yeah, my vows,’” the Married at First Sight star said. “You’re just overcome with different ideas and different thoughts, and it’s just a tough position to be in, I would say.”

The ‘Married at First Sight’ reunion host accused Zach of using word salad to evade his questions

As Zach continued with his roundabout answer, Frazier becamevisibly annoyed. “When you watch yourself make mistakes in the process andreally miscalculate things and opportunities…” Zach began.

“What do you mean?” Frazier asked, cutting him off.

“Like, early on, when you try to be direct and communicate,you go into it thinking, all right, relationship, marriage. Let’s make thiswork, and how do you figure this out?” Zach explained, digging himself a deeperand deeper hole. “Versus, like, just go with the process. And I think I thoughttoo much, and I obviously said too much.”

That’s when Frazier finally calledZach out for what both Mindy and some of the other Married at FirstSight cast members (like Austin Hurd) have complained about: his insistenceon giving long, vague speeches in lieu of a real response to hard questions.

Mindy claimed that Zach’s word salad and evasiveness abouthis possibly flirtatious friendshipwith Lindsay was what ultimately made her realize she couldn’t trust him—sothis was an ongoing problem for the couple.

“I mean, we can talk in circles all day long,” Frazierdeclared, as Mindy smiled knowingly.

“I’m good at that,” Zach joked self-deprecatingly.

“No, you are,” Frazier repeated, keeping things serious. “I’mlistening to you, and sometimes we don’t know what in the hell you’re talkingabout.”

It looks like Married at First Sight viewers, andMindy, might finally feel some vindication during the reunion episode. Manyfans wondered why Zach wasn’t called out more by the show’s experts or Lifetimeproducers for essentially refusing to participate in any aspect of the experimentin a meaningful way.

What’s more, Mindy was so over him by the end of the showthat she didn’t care to engage more deeply with him or argue with her husbandabout his possible affair with Lindsay—which made sense, but left many fans frustrated.Maybe, at the reunion, Zach will finally get the accountability that many fansbelieve is his due.

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