'Married at First Sight': Mindy Shiben Calls Fans Out For 'Cyberbullying' Katie Conrad, Jokes About Zach Justice’s Insults

MindyShiben quickly became a fan favorite on Lifetime’s Marriedat First Sight Season 10. Manyviewers couldn’t believe how her husband, ZachJustice, treated her—especially in telling her repeatedly that she wasn’tphysically attractive, refusing to move in with her, and possibly having anemotional affair with her friend, Lindsay.

After Mindy broke things off with Zach, he seemed to take things a step further by getting drinks with another separated Married at First Sight castmate, Katie Conrad (Derek Sherman’s wife). Fans took to social media to lash out at Katie for her behavior, but Mindy defended her new friend on Instagram with class and grace.

Mindy pushed back at ‘cyberbullying’ in a now-deleted Instagram post

At the Married at First Sight reunion, Zachand Katie came clean about having gone on a date of sorts around Christmastimein 2019. Mindy told the reunion host, Kevin Frazier, that she had been angrywith Zach at first—especially because she’d already been betrayed by herfriend Lindsay. “I didn’t want to be betrayed by another,” Mindy lamented.

As for how she found out about Katieand Zach’s outing, Mindy admitted, “Katie texted me because she kind offelt bad about it.” While nothing ultimately came of their date night, many Marriedat First Sight fans saw the castmates’ behavior as shady.

After the reunion episode aired, fans flooded Twitter andInstagram with comments about how shady Zach and Katie’s behavior had been. Ina surprising turn of events, RealityTV World reported, Mindy actually took to Instagram to defendKatie (but notably, not Zach).

“Today I am torn,” Mindy wrote in a now-deleted post, accompanied by a picture of herself with Katie. “While I am beyond grateful for the love and support, my heart hurts to see a close friend suffer from #cyberbullying.”

The Married at First Sight star continued, “We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of. Imagine those things being broadcasted on national television and criticized by millions of people. From the bottom of my heart, I beg everyone to #STOPCYBERBULLYING.”

The ‘Married at First Sight’ star also joked about Zach’s comments about her looks on social media

Many Married at FirstSight fans were in awe of Mindy’s class and sense of humor throughoutSeason 10. Although she had every reason not to take the high road with Zach,she stood her ground while remaining calm and kind at every turn.

Recently, the figureskating coach joked about Zach’s countless negative comments about her looksand his lackof physical attraction to her, showing yet again that she has a good-naturedtake on the whole experience. “So they tell me I have a ‘face for radio,’” shewrote in an Instagrampost, accompanied by a photo of herself during a recent podcast appearance.She added silly emojis and the hashtag “#lies” to the caption.

It also looks like Mindyis still close with her fellow Marriedat First Sight brides. In fact,she was the one who originally suggested that she and the four other women get “ten”tattooed on their ring fingers to represent Season 10. “Some of the raddestgals I’ve ever met!” she wrote under a photo of the five Season 10brides, adding the hashtags “#friendsatfirstsight” and “#bridetribe” torepresent the close bond they forged during their unique shared experience onthe show. 

But as for Zach? Mindy’scompletely done with him. Despite recent speculation that the pair might havebeen dating or trying to work on their marriage after the season aired, Mindytold a Married at First Sight fan that that absolutely wasn’t the case.

“Mindy are you dating Zach now? Saw pics in People,” a viewer wrote to her on Instagram. “Dating like…each other?” Mindy wrote back. “No, definitely not.” Phew!

Fans flooded Mindy’s Instagram with supportive comments after the season ended

As for fan support, Mindyhas no shortage of that. Married at First Sight viewers have sent theSeason 10 star an outpouring of support and praise.

“Mindy…You aredefinitely a catch. I don’t [know] what his issues were but it wasn’t you,” onefan reassured her on Instagram. “I was so impressed with how poised you [were]with a difficult situation. Never played the victim. Always patient and kind.”

Others encouragedMindy to keep trying to find love in the future, and someone who had thesame love and respect to give to a partner that she did.

“Girl let me tell you!”one Instagram user wrote. “You handled yourself with such class and I’ve neverbeen more proud of someone I don’t even know! They failed you on that show…Heis not sorry and he’s cocky and arrogant,” they wrote of Mindy’s ex. Thecommenter added, “I’m not going to bash on him anymore just want you to knowthat you have so so much to offer to someone and you are so worthy! Don’t giveup on love.”

Yet another Married atFirst Sight fan gushed, “You deserve so much and I hope that you do get theman of your dreams that will treat you like his queen. I was actually glad thatyou didn’t stay with Zach since he wasn’t giving you what you truly desired.”

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