Married At First Sight Australia's Jessika Power reveals ex Dan Webb dumped her on live TV – then begged to get her back

MARRIED At First Sight Australia's Jessika Power has revealed she was dumped on live TV by her ex Dan Webb – then he begged her to get back together.

The 29-year-old says the awkward moment her reality TV 'marriage' ended happened during an interview on 9Honey's Talking Married.

And in an exclusive interview with The Sun, Jessika also claims Dan plotted to blindside her with the on-screen break up for "theatrical effect".

Months later car broker Dan tried to rekindle their romance – but Jessika turned him down.

"I moved my whole life for him and I was happy – we were really good," Jessika told us.

"Then we broke up on live TV over the Nic thing again.

"Later when Tamara and I buried the hatchet and became friends she showed me text messages from Dan that he had actually planned the whole thing.

"He messaged her saying, 'make sure you watch tonight, it's going to be gold'.

"That kind of sucked. There were trust issues there. I don't know if it was for theatrical effect or why it was done, but it really hurt me."

Jessika and Dan got together behind their partners' backs during the reality TV show filmed in 2018.

The affair rocked the experiment, with the experts forced to decide whether they should remain on the show as a couple.

They were given a second chance at love – and even stayed together when the series finished.

But in April 2019, the couple were interviewed on Australia network 9Honey and got into a heated argument after watching footage back of Jessika "hitting on" Nic Jovanovic while she was involved with Dan.

She claims the moment was "highly edited" to make it look "far worse than it was".

But it proved to be the final straw and Dan ended their relationship for the second time – but this time it was for good.

Questioning how genuine Dan was during their time together, Jessika continued: "He kept saying how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

"I was young and held so much onto our relationship and wanted it to work because of the pain we caused and the backlash we got. We felt a lot of pressure to make it work.

"It was a really, really rough time. My heart was broken. I'd never been in love or had a proper relationship before Dan.

"After that live TV interview that was the end of us."

But seven months later, Jessika says that Dan reached out to see if they could give their relationship another go.

She added: "He could see I was starting to grow into a different person. I was maturing and successful.

"He reached out and said he'd made a terrible mistake. It was a Saturday night so he'd probably been out drinking…

"I'd gone through months of heartache. So for him just to turn around and say he'd made a mistake… he was dreaming if he thought I'd ever go back and put myself through that again.

"I'm glad I didn't because I'm happy now."

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