Mama June ‘agrees to go to rehab’ one year after crack arrest in Not to Hot sneak peek – The Sun

MAMA June appears to agree to go to rehab in a new sneak peek for From Not To Hot – but it looks like things aren't as easy as they seem.

In the new clip for this week's episode, Pumpkin calls a family meeting to reveal the good news.

"I just talked to our producer and he said Mama wants to go to rehab, so maybe she's ready now?" she tells the family, including 14-year-old sister Honey Boo Boo – real name Alana.

Alana – who is about to start high school – is clearly over the moon and questions whether her day "can get any better".

But later it seems that the family are keeping secrets from the teen, as all is not well with June and the family, and as Alana finds out the truth, tempers flare with producers rushing in with cameras to check on the family.

Alana has always been close to her mom but is now under temporary custody of her sister, Pumpkin – real name Lauryn.

The teen has been hoping to transition from reality star to stand up comic and a recent episode saw her take aim at 40-year-old June.

"Mama is having a tough time right now. That's okay, she'll push through. We just keep telling her to keep her chins up, all three of them," she quipped.

She continued to drag her mom: “Couple of them have hairs, it's okay though. A lot of people ask ‘what does your mom see in Geno?’

"And the answer is nothing, she's legally blind! She can't see. My dad Sugar Bear wasn't good for her. Geno wasn't good for her. Really the only man in her life that has been good to her is Ben and Jerry.”

“My sister's name is Pumpkin. Which is the closest we ever got to a fruit or vegetable,” the amateur comic concluded in her first stand-up.

Alana has lived with her sister Lauryn in Georgia after her mom’s crack arrest in 2019.

June was arrested last year on allegations of crack possession.

The reality star’s boyfriend, Geno Doak, was also arrested and charged with third-degree domestic violence, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

June recently shocked fans as it appeared she could barely keep her eyes open in an alarming new video.

Financially troubled Mama June has been promoting Cameo, where she charges fans $30 for personalized video shoutouts.

While she appeared disheveled in her recent videos, her latest is most alarming.

June’s tooth is missing in the shocking video, as she also struggles to keep her eyes open and center the camera on her face.

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