Madison Prewett Says That She's *Not* Dating Connor Saeli

Sorry to all of those Madison Prewett and Connor Saeli shippers out there, but it looks like these two Bachelor alums aren’t a thing.

Earlier this week, Connor hopped on an Instagram Live with Mike Johnson and implied that something was going on between him and Madison. When Mike asked Connor, “What’s up with you and Madison though?” Connor got embarrassed and said, “I don’t know we’ll see…I can’t give you anything.”

And as if that wasn’t 👀 enough, Connor hopped on another Instagram Live a few days later with John Paul Jones, and while Connor didn’t say anything about Madison, JPJ started talking about her and told a blushing Connor, “She’s a catch, man. Proud of you. Anyway, dude, happy for you, that is awesome. I ship you guys, 100 percent.”

But, alas, it looks like Connor might have been blushing for nothing, cause Madison went on her own Instagram Live on Friday (seriously, these Bachelor people need to cool it with the Live) to clear things up. According to E! she said:

That said, if Paradise does happen this year, something tells me this Connor/Madison situation will become a storyline…

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