'Love Wedding Repeat': Eleanor Tomlinson and Jack Farthing From 'Poldark' Reunite in New Netflix Rom-Com

It’s not quite the same as seeing Ross and Demelza together again, but Netflix is delivering a Poldark reunion of sorts in its new movie Love Wedding Repeat. The rom-com (streaming from April 10) features an ensemble cast that includes Eleanor Tomlinson and Jack Farthing, who played Demelza and George on the PBS drama. 

A rom-com with a twist 

Love Wedding Repeat (directed by Dean Craig) is about a man named Jack (Sam Claflin) whose sister Hayley (Tomlinson) is getting married. He wants to make sure his sister’s big day goes off without a hitch, but he encounters some obstacles along the way. 

Based on the trailer, it looks like Claflin’s character will experience multiple versions of the same day as he tries to orchestrate a happy ending for everyone. Here’s the official synopsis from Netflix:  

In this innovative romantic comedy about the power of chance, alternate versions of the same wedding unfold as Jack (Claflin) tries to make sure his little sister has the perfect wedding day. But he’ll have to juggle an angry ex-girlfriend, an uninvited guest with a secret, a misplaced sleep sedative, and unexpectedly reuniting with the girl of his dreams who got away, Dina (Olivia Munn). If he succeeds, Jack might find a happy ending of his own.

In addition to Tomlinson, Farthing, Claflin, Love Wedding Repeat stars Munn, Joel Frey, Aisling Bea, Allan Mustafa, and Freida Pinto. The movie is based on the 2012 French film Plan de Table.

Farthing’s character is in love with Tomlinson

On Poldark, Tomlinson and Farthing’s characters didn’t exactly get along. After all, Demelza’s husband Ross was George’s long-time rival. And George always looked down on Demelza for being a kitchen maid before she married Ross. 

But in Love Wedding Repeat, the pair appear to have a much closer relationship. Farthing plays a guy named Marc Fisher who is in love with Tomlinson’s character. He gets drunk and possibly crashes the wedding. 

“He’s threatening to go full-on psycho and ruin my wedding,” a panicked Hayley tells her brother. She then begs Jack to spike Marc’s champagne with a sedative that will knock him out for the duration of the wedding. But that doesn’t exactly go as planned.  

Fans love the idea of seeing Tomlinson and Farthing together again 

Fans seem pretty excited about the prospect of seeing Tomlinson and Farthing together again on screen. After she shared a poster for the new movie on Instagram, people commented on how funny it was to see the two playing such different roles.   

“It’s funny when you realize that George Warleggan is in love with you,” wrote one. 

“Can’t believe you and jack are acting together again! But in different context! He doesn’t hate you in this one, rather different,” noted another. 

Love Wedding Repeat is streaming on Netflix from April 10. 

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