Love Island’s Toby shocks viewers as he reveals secret X-rated tattoo

LOVE Island star Toby Aromolaran has shocked viewers after revealing his secret X-rater tattoo on Saturday night.

Relaxing on the day beds with former couple Brad McClelland and Rachel Finni, the trio got discussing his unusual inking down below.

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Labourer Brad, 26, kicked off the conversation, asking his partner and new pal Toby, 22, if they "have any tattoos" they've been hiding.

"Yeah, I do," the semi-pro footballer was quick to reply before Rachel, 29, quizzed him further, asking: "What do you have?"

Pointing towards his crown jewels as he lay back on the sun bed, Toby added: "You know on my 'P'," before detailing it said "this way is down".

"Is that what it says? This is down?" Brad clarified, to which Toby replied indicating there was an arrow by the text: "No, like, 'This way is down'."

"Is it really? Prove it!" an intrigued Rachel replied, sitting up and looking over Brad in Toby's direction. "I don't want to see your 'P', just show it."

"You've got to buy me a drink first, surely?" Toby quipped as Brad assured his former partner Rachel she was OK to take a look at the tattoo.

"No, thank you," she hit back at the footballer's request, however. "I'll top up your water bottle at the most. I wonder who else has tattoos."

Toby found himself in hot water this week in the villa after snogging Chloe Burrows behind ex partner Kaz Kamwi's back.

The semi professional football player – who has been coupled up with Kaz since day one – broke her heart on Friday night after revealing the snog.

Chloe – who is currently with PE teacher Hugo Hammond in a friendship couple – decided to make a move on Toby by kissing him during a challenge.

The pair then had a discussion on Thursday about exploring their romance and during that conversation, they locked lips – all behind Kaz's back.

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Kaz, 24, finally found out about the secret smooch on Friday night when Toby pulled up the courage to sit her down for a chat.

After finding out about their new romance Kaz labelled Chloe "a snake", with Faye Winter stepping in to defend the upset fashion blogger.

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