Love Island's Alexandra Cane quits reality TV to train as a 'trauma healer' after four family members died in one year

LOVE Island's Alexandra Cane has quit reality TV to train as a "trauma healer".

The star is training in a secret location to prepare for a change in career, telling fans: "You have to heal yourself before you can heal others."

Alexandra bravely opened up about her past trauma when four family members died in one year and then her mum and boyfriend at the time got cancer.

Having shot to fame on Love Island in 2018, Alexandra's life spiralled out of control.

She later revealed she was hospitalised and felt suicidal after struggling with alcohol.

Alexandra said she had gone through one of the "most confusing, testing years of my life".

She's now opened up about a new chapter having worked on herself since hitting rock bottom. 

"I wanted to share some new with you," she told fans.

"I'm currently working towards becoming a natural body healing coach and trauma informed healer.

"I'm so excited for this new venture having experienced my own healing journey and soon to be able to hold space for others to become their best version of themselves.

"I really look forward to working with many of you in the future."

Alexandra then shared a video of her dancing, with the caption: '"When you finally understand what your soul has been put on this Earth to do.

In a reflective video post speaking from a secret location that's a "personal, special place", Alexandra said: "This journey is not easy but it is definitely possible.

"Thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey, it's been a bit of rollercoaster.

"But I've got this sense of clarity at the moment and it's so beautiful.

"I know this next chapter is going to be so fulfilling for me in every which way."

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