Love Is Blind's Carlton Morton wants a second chance at love in season two

Love Is Blind saw Carlton Morton get engaged to Diamond Jack, before things went spectacularly wrong during their ‘honeymoon’ trip to Mexico.

But the Netflix star has admitted that his experience on the show hasn’t put him off the idea of hopping back into the pods to try and find love again.

In fact, Carlton – who revealed his bisexuality on the show – might be even more tempted to take part now that the casting company appear to be taking sexual orientation even more into consideration.

Speaking to TMZ, the reality star explained: ‘I want to find love and I love the production company, they found me and gave me the chance to find love.

‘They totally made me comfortable and taken care of me. I would love to further my relationship with them and find love.’

Carlton added: ‘There are a few people who would love for me to almost spin off into getting a situation where guys and girls can find love.’

Looking ahead to the second season, he continued: ‘Just knowing the company, I feel like they are all-inclusive. They are open to starting the conversation about what LGBT love looks like.

‘I think that by including me it set up and kind of paved the way for many other people like myself to find love.’

When asked if he would head back into the pods, he smiled: ‘Absolutely! I am looking to love right now so if someone started today – let’s got to the pod.!’

Carlton’s comments come after he revealed he has been blocked by his ex Diamond following their awkward encounter at the show’s reunion episode.

After begging fans to try and convince Diamond to change her mind, he was forced to apologise once again after some fans questioned his motives.

He wrote: ‘ I want to apologize to any of you I’ve offended. I appreciate those of you who support me and see my heart.

‘I pray one day forgiveness will take reign. And if not, we know we both tried.’

Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix now.

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