Lorraine brands Johnny Depp trial bizarre as fans claim Amber Heard copying exs style

Depp v Heard ‘more and more bizarre’ says Lorraine

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Lorraine Kelly was puzzled by the most recent developments of the drawn-out megastar trial. Discussing the fashion choices of the pair, LA correspondent Ross King spoke to the TV host on her ITV show about a “bizarre” point. The showbiz specialist pointed out there is a case of cat and mouse when it comes to the former couple taking it in turns to wear a similar outfit. 

Now weeks into the globally watched trial, Ross joined Lorraine on Wednesday’s instalment of her show to point out a “coincidence” that fans have mentioned.

Ross said: “The interesting thing, slightly away from the certain madness, to other madness, is that fans have been picking up some coincidences.

“Basically, [they] have started to say, is Amber copying Johnny in court when it comes to dress-wise?”

The court case started in mid-April, and as the days have gone on, fans have started to connect the dots of when Amber appears to wear a similar outfit to Johnny a day or two after.

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Joining the show virtually from Los Angeles, he continued: “Way back at the start of this trial, we did talk about it that Johny wore a Gucci tie with a bee on it and then Amber did the same a day or so later.

“Fans have noticed more coincidences. Johnny wearing an outfit and then a day after a similar look from Amber.”

Once or twice might be considered a coincidence, but Ross went on to list multiple instances, which did make the talk show host question the reason behind it.

Ross added: “Last week Johnny in the grey suit, day after, Amber in a grey suit.

“Johnny with the ponytail, the day after Amber tied her hair up in a ponytail. 

“It’s a bit like ‘is this a coincidence, or is this some strange attempt at trying to communicate.”

The entertainment specialist concluded: “I am sure you could get a specialist on who could tell you that yes, ‘there is something in mirror imaging’ or something like that. It’s bizarre, isn’t it?”

Scottish presenter Lorraine looked dumbfounded and replied: “It really is! Just when you think it can’t get more bizarre, it gets more bizarre.”

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The trial coverage on the primetime morning show caused a stir amongst viewers.

This is not the first time the TV host has discussed the case on her show and has previously spoken out about the trial being “painful to watch”. 

Earlier this month,  Johnny commented on how the allegations made by Heard have impacted his Hollywood career.

Lorraine then spoke to Ross about the clip, which was played on her show for viewers at home. 

She said: “Gosh that is actually painful to watch, it really is. It’s very, very sad.

“He did as well Ross, he spoke as well about the first time he met Amber Heard and how that relationship kind of took off.”

The trial is expected to last five to six weeks, with Amber yet to take to the stand. 

The pair met in 2009 and they were married from 2015 to 2016.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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