Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha says she once kissed a girl at a sleepover and ‘falls in love with all her friends’

LOOSE Women’s Nadia Sawalha says she kissed a girl at a sleepover and said it’s “normal to explore that” and that it’s a “natural rite of passage”.

The TV presenter and actress, 55, made the comments on her podcast, Confessions of a Modern Parent, which she hosts alongside husband Mark Adderley.

Nadia and Mark, who have two daughters together – Kiki, 13, and Maddy, 14,  – revealed she told her youngest child that she felt she was lucky to be growing up in a fluid society. 

Discussing the topic of sexuality with her husband of 18 years, Nadia said: “I was saying to Kiki the other day: ‘You are so lucky you are growing up in this fluid society. When we were growing up – the first person you kissed and you got a bit of a tingle, that’s what you were.’

“You were then straight for the rest of your life or you were then gay for the rest of your life.”

The former EastEnders actress went on to talk about her experiences of exploring her sexuality, saying she kissed a girl at a sleepover. 

Nadia said: “The only sexual thing that happened with me at a sleepover was with a girl.

“It is funny isn’t it?

“I am not gay and I wasn’t gay but it is a normal thing to explore that, we tried kissing with each other and all of that. And it's like “yeah we’ve done that that’s a kiss and that’s done.

“Is that not just a natural right of passage?”

Speaking frankly to her husband about the topic, Nadia went on to discuss the different types of love and that she wants her daughters to feel they can speak to her about anything.

“I fall in love with all my friends,” she said. “And I don’t have anything in my brain that takes me anywhere other than they are my friends – when it is same sex.

“For me to be a friend with someone I have to fall a bit in love with them. But it is a platonic love.

“That separation we do in younger age affects us having friendships with the opposite sex. I think you fall in love with people and some people you want sex with and some you don’t.

I found it difficult to understand fluidity because it wasn’t in our vocabulary. I get it now. I think that they are really lucky that they have those options open to them. I have very open conversations with the girls about sex.”

Fans can listen to Nadia and Mark’s podcast here.

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