Loose Women's Frankie Bridge reveals husband Wayne accidentally bought six CRATES of Easter eggs in last-minute panic

LOOSE Women's Frankie Bridge has been left with an abundance of easter eggs after her husband Wayne, accidentally bought six crates.

The Bridge family now has hundreds of chocolate eggs to get through after Wayne did a last minute panic shop for the Easter treats.

Frankie explained they had forgotten to buy Easter eggs this year, and so Wayne jumped online to find some.

She told the Loose Women: "This wasn't me. This was Wayne and I'm going to let him fully take the blame for this. We forgot to help the Easter bunny to find some eggs this year. 

"He thought he ordered six Easter eggs and it turns out he ordered six crates of Easter eggs, so there's two more of those coming today."

She added: "We're going to be eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner by the looks of it. I think the kids will be happy, it's work out well for them."

When pressed by her fellow panellists Kaye Adams and Jane Moore about how Wayne managed such a big mistake, especially considering how much it would've cost, Frankie said she simply couldn't explain it.

"Well I don't know, I wasn't there. I think he was just in a rush. But when they came he was like 'babe you're not going to believe it?'," she said.

The chocolate boon is a much needed hilarious moment after a stressful end to the month for the Bridge family.

Their oldest son, Parker, seven, was rushed to hospital after struggling to breathe due to croup.

The singer, 32, revealed her "horrendous" ordeal, telling fans she knew it was coming after both her sons came down with a cold, but it didn't make it any easier seeing him "gasping for breath".

Looking a little exhausted after such a stressful evening, Frankie told her followers: “Look at the state of me. I’ve got a nerve coming on like this haven’t I?

“Not even washed today. Yeah just one of those rubbish nights. We knew Parks was gonna get croup, we just knew it.

“The boys have runny noses to the point where Parks was in our bed because we knew it was gonna come and it did. 

“So we ended up rushing to a & e when he still couldn’t breathe after  awhile.  They let us bring him home.”

She reflected: "It’s just not something you ever used to I don’t think. Seeing someone you love gasping for air. It’s just horrendous . There is nothing you can do really."

Croupis a condition that typically affects babies and young children, irritating the upper airways and causing them to swell making it harder to breathe.

Frankie and Wayne are also parents to Carter, five, while Wayne also has a teen son from a previous relationship.

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