Loose Women: Paris Fury apologises as interview thrown into chaos ‘Really sorry!’

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Ruth Langsford was back on Loose Women today and she was joined by Coleen Nolan, Saira Khan and Janet Street-Porter. Paris Fury also joined the Loose Women today to talk about her world champion boxer husband, Tyson. But when discussing whether or not Tyson would be retiring anytime soon, the women were all taken aback when Paris’ son wandered into the interview. 

Ruth began by asking Paris about what it was like when Tyson took time away from boxing a few years ago as his mental health took a turn for the worst. 

“I never knew anything about mental health,” Paris began.

“And now I see it and I really think it’s such a big thing in the world, but people have opened avenues up so people are understanding more. 

“We were at a point of no return with Tyson, it was like he was going to go over the edge and never come back and I didn’t know what to do,” she added. 

Paris explained: “Anyone who has lived with a family member with these deep depressions, you know it grinds you down and it’s hard to be that strength behind that person 

“And you are thinking that any day, you could lose that person.

“I tried to hold it together and I didn’t really talk about it, but now I will talk about it, and people are still taken aback. 

“There’s not really much I can say about it,” Paris told the Loose Women. 

Janet chipped in: “No, but going forward obviously Tyson has had expert help and I know you talk about it.

“But, the future is unpredictable anyway by the very nature of the condition.

“With Tyson, would you like him to retire or do you think retirement is something he doesn’t want to talk about?”

Paris was clearly distracted by something as she continued to look at off-camera. 

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After a rather loud crash in the background though, she carried on. 

“I don’t think retirement is something that’s going to be on the books for Tyson any time soon,” she added.

Just as she said this, one of her sons jumped onto the screens and hid behind Paris’ chair.

“Sorry, we have had an invasion,” Paris explained as the Loose Women all said hello. 

“Really sorry,” Paris continued, “No Tyson doesn’t talk about retirement, he’s trying to look forward to positivity.

“And doing what he wants to be doing, staying with his boxing and this positive side.

“And he has his goals to make himself feel better and I think that’s where we are at.

“I wanted him to retire after the last couple of fights and I said ‘look you have made it to the top, let’s go’,” she continued. 

“And he said no because he thinks he has got more to give.”

Loose Women airs on ITV weekdays at 12.30pm. 

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