Loki First-Day Viewership Scores Record For Disney+/Marvel Series, Per Samba TV

How popular are Marvel series on Disney+? Extremely. Samba TV reports that Loki in its Wednesday premiere drew 890K U.S. households, which according to the the third-party streaming stat org is “the largest US premier-day audience for any of Marvel’s Disney+ shows.”

Loki‘s 890k households best the first day of The Falcon and the Winter Solider (759k) and WandaVision (655k). Loki‘s viewership also bests the 4-day premiere weekend of Cruella on Disney+, however, that pic was available to subscribers at $29.99.

“Clearly, the growing number of household tuning in on day 1 proves that the Marvel Disney+ series are growing in momentum,” reports SambaTV.

SambaTV previously clocked 1.7 million households who tuned into Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s first weekend and 1.6M for Wandavision over its first three-day frame.

SambaTV measures streaming viewership in 3 million Smart terrestrial TV households for at least five minutes.

One non-Disney studio insider complained to me that SambaTV’s numbers don’t tell the whole picture since they don’t include mobile viewers.

Those streaming services have no room to talk: Just report your viewership numbers and stop whining.


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