Little People's Isabel Roloff admits she 'starved herself' as a teen and was 'wasting away' in eating disorder battle

LITTLE People's Isabel Roloff admits that she "starved herself" as a teen, and was "wasting away" in an eating disorder battle.

Isabel, wife of Jacob Roloff since 2019, shared her story via an Instagram post that featured a current photo of her smiling in a long-sleeved red dress contrasted with a second photo, a shockingly skinny mirror selfie at age 14.

Isabel, 24, captioned her post with a message to her followers: "you don't need to be the same weight you were when you were fourteen. For a long time, I have had to remind myself that I was still growing at that age, that I was still developing, and I was also starving myself.

It's nothing to strive for now that I am older, happier and healthier. This is recovery from an eating disorder."

The Little People, Big World star reported that she "remember[s] taking the second photo and thinking that I was fat in it and I had plans to go on a diet. Now I look at it and I can see that I was literally wasting away."

This post comes just days after Isabel shared the heap of backlash she's been getting via social media regarding her physical appearance and political views.

The 24-year-old recently shared a vicious message she received on Instagram from a follower who criticized her current size.

The troll commented: "Wow she's put on a lot of weight," which sent Isabel into a depressive spiral.

She then clapped back while admitting to crying from the judgment, responding: "I saw this comment on an especially bad body day and I cried and removed the photo.

"THIS S**T IS NOT OKAY. I will call it out every time because there is a misconception that people with a lot of followers should not expect it, but accept it and I never will."

Later, the Little People star uploaded a brooding photo with a thought-bubble caption: "They're probably just mad that I'm this thick and hot."

She followed with a smiling selfie to comfort her fans with a final note: "Don't worry y'all. I'm doing the work. Not letting those types of comments get to me anymore. It still sucks to see initially but I know who I am. Here's your daily reminder to be kind to yourself and above all else to LOVE YOURSELF."

Just two days later, Isabel dealt with yet another body shamer who attacked not only her weight but also her political views.

The Trump supporter called out Isabel's relaxed lifestyle with a rant saying: "Let me guess, you want to live on the government while you sit on your fat ass and do nothing?

"Peace, love and I'm an obnoxious hippie who doesn't have a clue. Now please go on a diet and move on already."

The young wife shared this harsh troll with her followers, saying: "Please vote. We can't take another four years of this kind of hate."

Despite the hostility that Isabel is fighting through social media, she attempts to remain positive for her followers, closing out her eating disorder post with words of encouragement to her fans.

She wrote: "I just wanted to remind whoever needs to hear it, your body is fine exactly as it is, today, right now. You need to eat. You can rest. Please give yourself all of your unconditional love. You are worthy of that."



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