Line of Dutys secret identity theories from Chloe Gates to Lomax being OCG

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Line of Duty has kept fans guessing with its various twists and turns over the years, but this season has taken things up yet another notch.

With the reveal that Jo Davidson’s biological father is actually the villain Tommy Hunter from season one, viewers are wondering if another massive curveball is still in store as the BBC cop drama hurtles towards its finale.

Chloe Bishop could also end up having a massive connection to a season one character.

And the throwbacks may potentially just keep on coming as fans have also spotted a clue related to Jackie Laverty’s dodgy dealings.

So far, it seems Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) remains one of the only steadfast and trustworthy characters on the show, along with Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), but there are sure to be twists ahead.

Even the beloved Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) could have his secrets to hide, as fans believe he purposely missed a link from Steph Corbett to OCG.

Chloe Bishop

DCI Tony Gates (Lennie James) was a huge part of the reason Line of Duty became so wildly popular – as the focal point of season one and a real exploration into how police officers can turn corrupt.

Tony made mistake after mistake and with AC-12 on his back, the superior detective had no chance, especially after Jackie Laverty was killed and he became embroiled in working for a dodgy crime syndicate led by Tommy Hunter.

Fans will remember the heartbreaking scenes when Tony secretly said goodbye to his children before tragically getting killed in the series finale, and now

Series creator Jed Mercurio is a master at pulling the rug out from under people, even with the sharpest of fans who think they’ve got everything figured out.

But many think they’ve exposed a huge connection with a theory that Chloe Bishop is actually Tony’s daughter.

Tony’s two girls were called Chloe and Natalie, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

But with Chloe still being at school in season one, has enough time really passed for Chloe Bishop to actually be Tony’s grown-up working daughter?

And on top of that, it would be puzzling if the rest of the team at AC12 or even the station as a whole hadn’t worked out who she was related to.

It would make sense why Chloe is so determined to take down the OCG and potentially exact revenge for the death of her father however – if she’d ever actually uncovered the truth about his dealings with Tommy.

On the other hand, she could have secretly teamed up with the OCG having been spun a web of lies that AC12 had actually been responsible for her father’s death.

It would be an incredible way to tie up season six by linking all the way back to season one.

Chris Lomax

Chris Lomax (Perry Fitzpatrick) is a relative newcomer to Line of Duty, so season six viewers are convinced he could be an easy character who’s secretly working for the OCG.

So far the copper hasn’t showed any major hints he’s secretly bent and working with the bad guys behind the scenes.

Yet the latest episode led fans down a rabbit hole when they supposedly spotted one glaring clue as to his his true identity.

As the penultimate instalment rolled to its end, Chris mentioned he was going to the Red Lion pub after he’d finished his work at the crime scene.

As Chris is talking to a crime scene investigator, he then takes a quick call just as Kate and Steve walk up.

Clearly eager to get to the pub by 8pm, Chris is unimpressed when Kate and Steve order him to get the floors dug up – where firearms could be buried.

Picking up on the strange vibe, fans were convinced the character was actually secretly heading to an OCG meeting place.

Discussing the theory on Reddit, user ross-stew shared: "During the telephone call Chris Lomax was on before Steve and Kate approached him at the industrial unit, Chris finished the call by saying 'meet you at the red lion at 8pm'.

"Isn't this the same pub Carl Banks boasted about the murder of Gail Vella before he was killed? Might be a OCG meeting ground."

"Oooh I didn't catch that. He seemed reluctant to get the floors dug up too," another agreed.

Twitter fans joined in on the speculation, as one person connected the dots to Carl Banks too, and others remembered it was the same place AC12 had found the witness who was incriminating Terry Boyle.

Others considered executive producer Jed threw the line in as a red herring, and the real bent coppers will be a huge surprise.

Joanne Davidson

Joanne Davidson (Kelly MacDonald) has been one of the most fascinating character introductions this season, and with fans suspecting she is only part of the show for one rollercoaster ride – many have speculated she will bow out in a blaze of glory similar to that of Tony Gates.

Things seem to be going in a very dark direction, as the penultimate instalment unveiled the truth that Jo is actually the biological daughter of her “uncle” Tommy Hunter.

And so Darren Hunter – who was introduced as her cousin – is actually also her half-brother.

How this all connects into the finale remains to be seen, but fans are more puzzled by her adoptive dad, and the fact that the man Jo had thought was her father was a corrupt police officer.

With more clues dripping that Jo’s family history will eventually reveal who the fourth member of H is, fans are literally chomping at the bit to discover the final twist in the finale episode.

With her constant "no comments" in the painfully tense interview process, and her reluctance to ever reveal the name of her adoptive dad, it seems he could actually end up being one and the same as the final member of H.

DCC Mike Dryden (Mark Bonnar) could be the most likely candidate – especially given his absence from the show since season two, but there plenty of other Scottish coppers in and out of the series over the years.

But given she logged on to the secret chat console used by other corrupt police officers, the final member of H could still be Jo herself.

Steph & John Corbett

Ted Hastings gave Steph Corbett £50,000 of OCG money in season five, following the explosive end of dodgy John Corbett.

But when asked about her finances, Steph claims she’s invested John’s life insurance funds into a pal’s hairdressing business.

Fans will remember Steve got to the bottom of Jackie Laverty’s murky dealings when he exposed her hairdressing firm, and now loads of fans are convinced the one referenced in Line of Duty’s latest episode is the same one.

Steve gave up on questioning Steph about her cash flow, but there is a strong chance he missed an almighty clue – as OCG member Miroslav Minkowicz was operating at the original hair salon.

Could Steph secretly be involved with the OCG too?

"I might be totally off the mark here but something seemed significant about Steph buying into the hairdressers," one fan speculated. "Go back to S1 E2 and you see Steve questioning Minkowicz who claims to be the manager of a hairdressing business owned by Laverty Holdings, used as part of their money laundering.

"I know Minkowicz is now dead but could there be a link here somehow?"

Another wondered: "You know when Steph said she had invested in a hairdresser. Didn't Jackie Laverty own a hairdresser that was laundering money for the OCG. Am I just reading too much into this?"

"With the mention of Jackie last night, this could be a cracking little link. Good one," a third approved.

While a fourth agreed: "I clocked that one as well – coincidence or is she 'in' with the OCG."

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While there are plenty of theories for fans to sink their teeth to, and most are none the wiser as to exactly who is who and which corrupt copper is actually the final member of H in the organised crime group, one thing seems likely.

If season six ends up being the final bow for BBC’s hugely-popular crime drama, Jed appears determined to link everything back to the very beginning in one fell swoop.

Time to quickly binge-watch season one before tonight?

Line of Duty season 6 concludes tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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