Line of Duty fans rejoice as evil Ryan Pilkington shot dead – but escapes grilling by AC-12

LINE of Duty fans were rejoicing as evil Ryan Pilkington was shot dead – but escaped grilling by AC-12.

The crooked copper met his end after confessing to multiple murders on the show.

Fans flocked to Twitter to celebrate that baddie Ryan had been shot.

One fan said: "RIP Pilkington!"

Another said: "Me sleeping soundly knowing the little shit Ryan Pilkington is dead."

A third chimed in: "Ding dong Ryan’s dead."

Some fans thought they had been robbed of getting him grilled during an interview led by top dog Ted Hastings.

One wrote: "Fewmin is Ryan is dead. Hate him beyond belief, but I wanted him in an interview scene!"

Another said: "No last scene between Ryan and Steve is a bit of a bummer."

Ryan's death solved the cliffhanger at the end of the last episode when fans were convinved Kate Flemming got shot.

But as Ryan was shown laying dead on the ground, one fan wrote: "DEEP BREATH! Ok so now we know who got capped."

In an action packed show fans were also delighted bent copper Jo was grilled by Arnott and Hastings and charged with conspiracy to murder Kate Flemming as well as multiple other offences.

The series finale of Line of Duty, one of the BBC's most popular dramas, will be next week.

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